The Story Behind SoSis' Original Mardi Gras T-Shirt Designs

Designed with a lot of heart, our Mambo collection of SoSis custom Mardi Gras tees won't be found anywhere else, we're sure about that. Our three designs for this year channel all things fun, casual and stylish. 

Today, I'm breaking it all down for ya - telling you the story behind the designs in hopes of growing your appreciation for these custom designed tees. 

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Carnival Time Tee 

We've never designed on tie dye and we aren't mad about this one. The simplicity of the text on this tee encircled in a purple, green and gold bead is perfect for the many reasons we all gather for the Carnival. 


Mais, we hope you pass a good time, sha 

"Pass a good time" is a phrase we grew up with. Being from small town Louisiana (Marksville to be exact), our Cajun roots come out here and there. When inviting friends over, our parents often asked if they wanted to come "pass a good time." The phrase is so fun and so Louisiana - perfect for Mardi Gras season, right? 

Last year, we introduced this phrase to our Carnival Collection, but this year it's back in a whole new way. We collaborated with Samantha Morgan to hand paint this design, then worked with our printer to bring it to life. And oh how full of life it is, sha. 

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Love ya like a sista 

Y'all know we do, right? Well throw us a little somethin' - won't ya? This long sleeve lilac tee comes with a fun retro-style design perfect for going to an all-female crew parade. 

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Want more where these Mardi Gras tees came from? Shop our entire MAMBO collection online today

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