So this is 35

I have to be honest, I'm not loving the sound of 35. You know how most people freak out over turning 30? Well, not me. I embraced it and still felt 20 something.  But this 35 thing is kind of hitting me like it should have when I turned 30. I'm five years to 40 and halfway to 70. EEK!

I was chatting with a customer yesterday and she was telling me about her daughter who is moving to California after she graduates college. We had a great conversation and it got me thinking about a few things... 

I was all "in my feelings" reminiscing on the year I moved out to California at 18 years old, not knowing a soul and living with complete strangers while participating in The Young Americans. First off, why did my parents let me do that!?! Because they are the very best. I learned so much about myself that year and met some of my best friends there. I am forever thankful for that opportunity! PS - it's been 17 years (OMG)!

Now, back to my conversation with the customer - she was so proud of her daughter for stepping out of the box and challenging herself to do something different. I felt like a proud mom, too! Her daughter is a sweet customer of ours and actually modeled for us once.  

It had me feeling grateful for amazing customers like her that I get to chat with on the reg. I sometimes take for granted what this business has brought into my life. It's relationships with customers that turn into friendships. I was happy to have talked to her and learn more about her daughter's new venture. Little did she know that our conversation would bring up so many positive and life-changing memories just before I hit this "milestone" age. 

But if y'all know me, then you know, no matter my age, you know I'm a party girl at heart.  And what's a birthday without a party?!  You know what that means here at SoSis...


When I turned 32, we celebrated with 32% off. 

When I turned 33, I shared three wishes and offered you 33% off. 

When I turned 34, I shared a few bloggers I love to follow and offered you 34% off.

Here we are again. Another year older and another percent savings for you. Enjoy 35% off sitewide, no minimum, when you use the code SISTATURNS35 at checkout!

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