Turning 30 Something...

It's done. I've decided.

Since I'm in my thirties, what is the point of telling people my real age? I mean, does it really matter? If someone asks how old I am, from now on, my answer is "30 something." Half the time I can't even remember my age, anyway (thank you kids)! Too bad my birthday discount is a straight giveaway! 

When I turned 32, I shared three wishes I had for myself and offered you 32% off. 

When I turned 33, I talked about achieving one of my biggest business goals - opening a storefront and offered you 33% off. 

Today only, you can enjoy 34% off sitewide, no minimum, when you use the code SISTATURNS34 at checkout! Discount does not apply to shoes, tees or accessories. 


Now that I am 30 something, my style has changed just a bit. I'm a believer that if you feel confident in something, you should rock it. I am inspired by a few influencers everyday. These ladies help me stay ahead of the fashion game and often inspire me with life along the way too! 

Shout out to some of my favorite bloggers:

Leslie Presnal of Southern Flair Blog

She's local, y'all! If you're looking for something fun to do in or around BR, she's your girl. She is IN THE KNOW and also has really good life hack tips. She does DIY tutorials and always has the best ideas. Leslie has been a supporter of SoSis since day one and we just love her! She is also the founder of Baton Rouge Fashion Council who puts on all kinds of fun events throughout the year. You should definitely check her and the council out!

Mallory of Style Your Senses

She has the best "mom style," in my opinion. She's practical while staying trendy, gives great outfit advice for on-the-go, and even offers really easy cooking tips! She's so down to earth and will shoot you straight. She also has two cute little girls! Side note: Mallory and I had a few classes together in college and lived in Dallas one summer at the same time. She's my girl ;)  

Karla Reed of Hey Mama

Mallory introduced me to her and now I'm hooked on her try-on sessions! She gives great styling tips such as how to tie the perfect knot in your favorite tee.  I DM'ed her once to ask and she was quick to respond on how I can find that story on her instagram page. I also feel like she is super relatable. Give her a follow if you are a mom like me who just needs to quickest/easiest style tips.

So for my birthday, I've styled this two-piece set that is sure to keep you on trend. I am really digging the blazer with shorts combo right now. The best part about these two pieces is that you can wear them with other pieces to make a few completely different looks. The blazer is great layered over a dressy white top and black pants for work and the shorts are super cute with just a gray or white tank tucked in. This look is so versatile. Who wouldn't love to get THREE OUTFITS IN ONE?!

Cheers to turning 30 something and feeling fine!

All of the jewelry featured in this look is ALL NEW by yours truly. Check out the complete collection here

What I'm Wearing: 

Sketchin' Around Town Blazer: $68Sketchin' Around Town Shorts: $46 | Back to Basics V-Neck Top: $18 | Five Layer Chain Necklace: $64 | Love Me Like a Rock Earrings: $24 | Chloe Slides 

Big thanks to Marce Gautreaux and her salon A. Marcelite, downtown Baton Rouge for allowing me to take these photos by her new mural. How cute is it?

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