Our COVID-19 Story

March 17th we put a sign on our door - closed indefinitely, gave each other an air hug and went home wondering what the heck we were going to do. How could we close our doors? The doors where 85% of our business came from?

We brainstormed = LYLAS Box: Hard Times.
YOU showed up for US.

We collaborated via Zoom (wine in hand) = Closet Sale.
YOU showed up for US.

We met 6ft. apart = Shop for a Cause.
YOU showed up for US.

Every damn time. YOU showed up for US.

It brings tears to our eyes how incredibly grateful we are to YOU our sistas, our family, our faithful, loyal friends.

This waiting time has not been wasted time. On the contrary, it has made us stronger, smarter and more ready than ever to open our doors while continuing our online adventure. We are here. Stronger than ever. More hopeful than we could expect. All because of YOU.

Flash forward to May 15, 2020 - Day 1 of Phase 1 for Louisiana. 

Oh what a joy it was to see this day.

We opened (sorta) and took a minute to break down our approach.

We never closed onlineshopsosis.com is rocking it offering every SINGLE thing in our store online.

Our storefront is open with modified hours for Curbside Pick Up. Order online and pick up curbside shortly after!

We would love to set a time for you to come in and shop in person with us! Email us (shopsosis@gmail.com) to set an appointment & let’s get some retail therapy, shall we?

So why aren’t we back to regular business hours? Well, for a few reasons:

  1. We are navigating this new normal and want to be sure we are ready for you when we really open our doors (talking restocks, sanitize stations, employee training, and more).
  2. We have some babies that aren’t quite old enough to employ yet. We are tag teaming with our partners, coordinating childcare and more to be sure when we are at SoSis, we are 100% present, ready, attentive. Anyone working from home with toddlers can relate.
  3. There are still SO MANY ways to shop with us. And we are confident that even if we take a little extra time to “throw a partay,” our sistas will continue to show up for us.

But really, if you want to come in and shop safety with us, just shoot us a DM and we will excitedly run to the store (hand sanitizer in hand) ready to help you find the perfect “busting out of Quarantine” look.

LYLAS, Chel & AC


BIG thanks to Les Petits Bijoux Photography for collaborating with the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council for our very own #storefrontproject. We really have never felt how #inthistogether we all are. 

Also shout out to Ellen Ogden Art for our amazing windows.

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