Donating 36% of our sales for 36 hours.. Happy Birthday, AC!

36 years. It's about how long it feels like we've been staying home. It's also how old I turn TODAY. Celebrating a birthday during a stay-at-home order isn't the most fun, but we are shaking it up this year in a way that gives all of us a little opportunity to give back.

Knowing what to do during this season has been hard. How can we help when we're asked to stay put? How can we give back in the most effective and sincere way? How can we consider all of this while our storefront is closed and our typical sales have declined? 

Well YOU have been showing up for US, sistas. And now we want to show up for those in need. 

Do you know that our community is experiencing an increased number of hungry as many families are going through temporary unemployment resulting in a loss of income. Our local Port Allen Food Pantry is seeing an increased number of people in need of food and a decrease in food donations due to COVID-19. 

We want to help! Starting right now, we are going to donate 36% of ALL SALES for 36 hours to the Port Allen Food Pantry.

A bonus? SoSis is committed to MATCHING our customer's orders dollar for dollar. That means, whatever our 36% of sales ends up being, we with MATCH it with another monetary donation

Whoa, now we're talking. 

Help us help our local community by helping those in need through your purchase today. Together we can help ensure that every human receives a most basic need - food. 


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Beckett Earrings by Annie Claire Designs | Necklaces by Annie Claire Designs | Sister Tee | Total Mess Skirt | Zoey Sandals | Bracelets | Handbag

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