Magic Market Week 2015 | Part 4 of 4

MAGIC Market Week is more than one week behind us and I'm finally taking a minute to breathe and reflect on our experience there. From the beginning, Annie Claire and I have wanted SoSis to provide trendy clothes for women on a mission to shake things up in this world. We always want to carry merchandise that is different, fun and functional. In order to do this, we knew we had to go to one of the biggest women's clothing markets in the United States - MAGIC. Last year, when Annie Claire tackled MAGIC Market Week 2014 by herself and I stayed behind working on developing our website, I had no idea what she was getting herself into. Walking into the Las Vegas Convention Center last Monday, I couldn't believe just HOW big (and overwhelming) shopping could really be. Our days were filled with business, connections, parties, seminars and of course, fashion. We worked really (really) hard. We hope it shows when you start to see some of the items we wholeheartedly love and selected with YOU in mind. Our orders are finalized and I'm excited for the boxes to start arriving! Now, on to preparing for our first birthday celebrations happening this October!

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