Moms that Make it Happen: Toni Landry Ransome

Mother's Day is special to us and each year we take a minute to highlight a few super cool, super amazing women around us that make it happen each and every day. From making lifelong memories to helping with homework, these women leave a lot to be admired.  

First up in our "Moms that Make it Happen" series is Toni Landry Ransome - a Port Allen native raising her sweet son, Andrew (6 years) on the exact same street she grew up on. Toni is an elementary school teacher and always on the go. She is a loyal SoSis customer who visits us often (and she'll never know how much that means to us). Her son, Andrew, loves our white teepee in our play area and gets upset if we move it. Sorry buddy, but sometimes it needs a good wash, ha. 

We sat down with Toni recently to get her thoughts on motherhood and how she makes it all happen. 


Tell us one of your favorite “life hacks” that you use all the time. 

I would never make it without the calendar on my phone, the calendar on my bedroom wall, and my never-ending lists.


What’s a favorite memory you’ve had with Andrew that you’d recommend to other moms?

We are constantly trying to make memories so it's hard to choose just one favorite. I guess it would be our first family day-trip to Gulfport last August. We went to the Gulf Coast Model Railroad Museum and the beach. Andrew has LOVED trains for so long and he is constantly asking to go back to the museum. He loved the beach also! He has always liked the sand and the water. He still says that was the BEST DAY EVER!

I love watching him surrounded by what he loves and doing what he loves. Seeing him happy makes me happy.


If you had one single tip/piece of encouragement you could give a new mom, what would it be? 

  • Treasure EVERY moment - it really does fly by!
  • Take lots of pictures - your children will love the memories later, no matter what you look like.
  • Take a little time for yourself now and then - you need it and you deserve it.

So much for one tip. Motherhood is just like that.


Describe your "mom style." 

It really depends on where I'm going, my mood, who else is going, the weather, the time of day. When I'm in "mom mode" the number one thing I look for is COMFORT! I have to be able to keep up with a six year old boy! Denim "cut-off" shorts are a favorite right now with an easy tee and sandals or sneakers.

 **SoSis sidenote: Toni loves silver (a lot). Annie Claire Designs often makes her some of our statement pieces in silver because that's what she loves. Because of Toni, we've been trying to up our silver game with Annie Claire Designs. Do you like silver more than gold too? Let us know! We can hook you up, sista. 




We are always inspired by you each and every time you come into our store and we learn a little more about you. Your unmatched love for Andrew is worn on your shoulder and we strive to aim that high for our own children. We also love when you come shopping with your own mom. The two of you's relationship makes us happy (and want to give our own mom a big 'ole hug). YOU are the real MVP. Happy Mother's Day! 


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