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To close out our Mother's Day series of blogs, I thought it might be fun to share some "Mom Fails" and "Mom So Hard" moments that I have experienced. Being a mom is sometimes comical, sometimes dramatic, sometimes easy, sometimes hard, but the thing to remember is that it is always so rewarding!  


  1. Dance recital rehearsal with two is much more chaotic than just having one in the show. They try to get you in and out of there pretty quick, so when it's time to change costumes for Aubree from tap to ballet, I go to the dressing room with her, change her, touch up lipstick and bring her back out to sit in the rows and wait our turn. Meanwhile, Gracie Boo is strutting her stuff on stage. Things are running smoothly, or so I thought. My sister-in-law comes to sit by us and starts busting out laughing and I'm like, "What?"  Well, I apparently put Aubree in Gracie's ballet costume!  So, back into the dressing room we go, now rushing because her dance number is next. Talk about break a sweat!
  2. What color day is it? I really never know and pre-K 3 seems to have to wear a different color every day. I am always forgetting about Gracie's "color days" and more often than not on "yellow day" she comes strutting into class in pink florals. She seems ok with it. 
  3. Arriving late to pretty much every dance class, rehearsal, birthday party, family function, church, EVERYTHING.  You name the event and we are at least five minutes late, every single time. Can't forget about arriving late to school at least twice a week, too.  
  4. Washing clothes sucks and four people produce a crazy amount of laundry. I never get to wash clothes on time. Sometimes, Aubree has to wear her same uniform two days in a row. Does anyone else do this?!  Please tell me yes and that I'm not crazy. 
  5. Forgetting to tell the grandparents about Gracie's Class Art Show where only grandparents are invited is pretty bad. Thankfully, my mother-in-law works at the school and saved the day to be there for her!  
  6. Picture this - it's May Crowning Day and the kids have to bring flowers to school. What do you do when you forget the flowers?  Fly into the local grocery store like a bat out of hell to purchase the ugliest hot pink glitter flowers. Did I mention my mom owns a flower shop? She would not be proud. 

Maybe I'm just forgetful and these really are fails, but I know that these trivial things do not matter. I can't beat myself up over spilled milk because at the end of the day, I love my children and show them love everyday in some way. Although life gets busy and I am usually running around like a crazy person, they will always be there for me to lift me up. Motherhood is truly a blessing.

Now, let's finish up with some positive moments or what I like to call 'Mom so Hard' moments.


  1. When we are on time, or better yet, EARLY for school drop off!
  2. When you drive back from Sulphur at 5:30 a.m. to make it back for the Pre-K 4 closing program at 8:00 a.m., after a long night of baseball the night before. That. Happened. Today. Go bears! 
  3. When you can turn your three year-old's full blown meltdown around just by offering to put makeup and lipstick on her. I just need to learn not to wake her up from a nap before she's ready. It will bring out the crying, screaming, tantrum throwing, crazy person). But make-up - that will fix it for Gracie Boo. 
  4. When the hot pink glittery flowers are a WIN for Gracie boo. :)  OH AND I saw about two other moms doing the same thing!  Whew, I'm not alone. We made it to school ON TIME that day, too! 
  5. When the house is clean, clothes are washed and put away, and dinner is cooked, I feel on top of the world. BUT, this only happens about once a month. When it does, I feel like I'm Momming So Hard!

So moms, celebrate when you Mom So Hard and don't beat yourself up when you experience a few mom fails. Just know - we all do it. No mom is perfect. 

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  • Sophie

    I adore this dress and can’t to wear it. Thank you for always sending my box full of clothes that I lover and look great on me.

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