Moms that Make it Happen: Lindsey Templet

This is a guest blog post by Lindsey Templet 

Describe a typical day as a Templet. 

A typical day in the Templet household starts bright and early at 5:00 a.m. for daddy. My hubby gets up and starts cooking breakfast for the kids.

Hannah and Hudson are 10
Harrison is 5
Haddie is 3

The three oldest are up by 6:00 a.m. I am the last one out of bed by 6:30 a.m - not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Haddie will wake up between 6 and 7:00 a.m. depending on her mood.

I get up and head straight to the coffee pot because I don't talk until I have my java. I usually have to fix the two littles their coffee milk also and then I mumble "love yous and goodbyes" to the older three as they head to school with my husband, Derek. They are out the door by 6:50 a.m. and I'm sitting at my vanity doing my makeup.

Once dressed and ready, Haddie and I are out the door headed to daycare. Once she's dropped off then I head to work as the Marketing Director for Chase Healthcare and AlphaCare Home Health. I love my job, it keeps me busy and I'm never in one place too long. I'm in and out of the office along with doctor's offices and sometimes a drive to Monroe, Louisiana.

On top of that, I'm also an Independent Consultant for Rodan+Fields - the #1 premium skincare brand in the country. This has been a great opportunity and I love the camaraderie of women.

Once I'm done with my work day, typically, the kids all have activities. I get the boys dropped off to Derek for Jiu Jitsu practice and then I take the girls to dance. After dance is over, Haddie and I head home around 6:00 p.m. Hopefully, I have something to cook to the feed the army. You see, feeding the Templet's is like feeding an army because there are so many and they're always hungry.

Derek and the boys are usually home by 7:30 p.m. and the serving line begins. Once they are all fed, then bath time ensues. Hopefully all three are down by 8:30 just as Hannah is being dropped off from dance. Now, this is where Derek gets his beauty sleep. He's usually in bed no later than 9:00 p.m. I tend to Hannah - food, homework, bath, bed. Then once the house is quiet, that's when I work. I'm either doing tons of laundry, setting out clothes, taking care of my Rodan+Fields business or putting together marketing pieces for my reps. Sometimes it's all the above. I try to get to bed between 11 p.m. and Midnight. 

Through all the chaos and craziness and schedules, I really wouldn't have it any other way. 

Teaching JOY

God is our center and we try to walk the path of Jesus. This is our life and we love it. I have a wonderful husband and we balance each other out perfectly. My kids are my breath. I do what I do for them. I love them so much sometimes it hurts. I love my life and I love being a wife and MOM. I tell my kids - JOY, Jesus first, Others second and Yourself last.

What is your favorite part about being a mom?

My favorite part about being a mom is making all four of my kids feel loved. I feel that God gave me a gift to comfort them, take their pain, hold them accountable, reprimand them when necessary, and wipe away their tears. It's what I was made for and I cherish it. I am here to make them grow and learn to be responsible, Christian adults. They are my children by blood, but they ultimately belong to God and I want to make him proud.

Being a mom of four is no easy feat. What do you miss about life before kids? 

I miss my time with my husband. I miss my youth. I miss the feeling of not having to always worry about someone other than yourself. Because that's what motherhood is to me. I am constantly worrying and wondering if I'm making the right choices for these little humans of mine.

What are a few values you try to instill in your kids? 

I hope that I'm teaching my kids how to be humble, kind and empathetic individuals that put God as their center. I hope they have a service heart and use JOY as their motto.

Tell us about your family traditions.

We have lots of family traditions that we take part in throughout the year (and my kids won't let me forget them). Everything we do, for the most part, we do as a family. One tradition that sticks out in particular is Valentine's Day. I started this when the twins were babies. I'd have the table set and decorated and cook a big dinner. The kids NEVER forgot it and we have continued it since. We also are a Disney loving family and we have been four times since the twins were 3. We love it and have so much fun going as a family.

Lindsey looks gorgeous in her SoSis outfit. 

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