Moms that Make it Happen: Laurie Moreau

This is a guest blog post by Laurie Moreau. 

What's a typical day like in the life of Laurie?

A typical weekday starts off with my alarm clock going off around 5:20 a.m. I snooze for at least 10 minutes then say a few prayers to start my day. Once I am dressed and ready for work, I walk down the hall to make sure Corinne, my daughter, has gotten up, as her alarm clock has probably been beeping for a few minutes. CC, as we have lovingly nicknamed her (Corinne Claire), takes full advantage of the snooze button! My wonderful husband makes our breakfast as I put the finishing touches on CC’s hair. We all sit down for breakfast as a family and enjoy a good laugh at our “Kitty of the Day” calendar.

A few years ago, my in-laws moved one street over from our home. My mother-in-law teaches at Holy Family School and is our “bus driver” for CC. She arrives at 6:45 a.m. to pick up CC and they both leave for school.

CC is in the 6th grade. We have three other “children” - Mittens, Coco Chanel, and Callie. These cats require only love and attention in the mornings, then they sleep the rest of the day! I leave for work at 7:00 a.m. and my husband works from home.

I am an accountant for a laboratory in Baton Rouge. I work until around 4:00 pm., then I head to Holy Family to pick up CC from my mother-in-law’s classroom. We arrive home and either study or do homework.

CC helps by folding clothes, cleaning up her room or our living room. My loving husband prepares supper and most nights we eat supper together as a family. Some nights my husband and CC will play a video game on the Wii or on the computer. We also enjoy playing board games such as “Sorry” or “Stinker.” Every night around 8:00PM we all lay in CC’s bed and watch different YouTube videos on TV. CC’s favorite YouTube personality is Rosana Pansino from Nerdy Nummies. It’s a cooking show! We also watch videos on how to make slime (doesn’t everyone?) and other videos on cool DIY’s.

After CC is asleep, it’s a quick shower and then my husband and I either watch something on Netflix or simply crash for the night. I say a few prayers to end my day. Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat… lol!

What's your favorite part about being CC's mom? 

Being a mom is a gift from God. I am so blessed to be CC’s mom and I have many favorite parts that it's difficult to pick just one. If I had to nail down just one, I’d have to say it’s looking at her, when she’s not looking, and seeing what a lovely young person she is growing up to be. It’s knowing I am playing a very important role in her life, being there for her when times are good and bad and just knowing she loves me for who I am. It’s the unconditional love that is always prevalent in our lives.

What do you miss about life before CC?

That’s a tough one. CC is almost 12, so it’s hard to remember what life was like before having her. Now that she’s older, it’s easier to pick up and go, so I guess before she was born, if we wanted to just pick up and go somewhere at a moment’s notice, we could, without thought. Planning and packing the right things was always at the forefront with a newborn or toddler. It’s much easier now!

A few things we can learn from Laurie. 

We always strive to raise our daughter with the best values we can. We talk about being kind and fair to friends for what you put into a friendship is very important. Be honest and sincere, even when others are not. Take the high road, even when your feelings are hurt. Know who you are, respect yourself and it’s ok to be different. We also ask that she is honest with us so if something is happening, we can help or give the right guidance.

It's a family tradition! Tell us about them. 

We always “pock” eggs at Easter. It’s a tradition my family has done for ages. CC loves to pock eggs with everyone that comes to our home on Easter Sunday for lunch.

At Christmas, we have a plastic lump of coal that floats from my stocking, to CC’s stocking to her dad’s stocking. It’s a running joke to see who ends up with it on Christmas morning. 

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  • Kathryn Moreau

    So proud of our daughter-in-law and our son for raising such a sweet child.

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