Moms that Make it Happen: Jill Kindler

Every year for Mother's Day we take a minute to highlight a few incredible women around us that make it happen each and every day. From raising strong children to managing careers, these women leave a lot to be admired. 

First in this year's "Moms that Make it Happen" series is Jill Kindler - a litigation and tax consultant and mom to June (2 years) and Lane (6 months). Jill is from Clinton, Louisiana, but has called Baton Rouge home since she graduated from LSU in Finance. Shortly after, she earned her J.D. from LSU Law School. As if this isn't enough, Jill is also a Certified Public Accountant and SoSis' go-to #girlboss for all of our accounting needs. 

We sat down with Jill recently to get her thoughts on motherhood, career and trying to balance "it" all. We bribed June and Lane with Tiger Deauxnuts and they happily obliged, but only after one delicious cookies-n-milk doughnut.

In a few words, describe the best part about your current "season."

The best part of motherhood at this moment is watching my girls grow and learn. At this age, the girls are changing and learning so much each day. I’m constantly amazed at what June can say and do, and Lane is right behind her.

Oh, and the sweetness. Nothing beats holding a baby or getting a good toddler hug when we all finally get home. It really puts things into perspective for me. 


In a few words, describe the most challenging part about motherhood. 

The challenge for me is the same thing most working moms struggle with – finding balance. I struggle most days trying to balance my family, career, friends and community involvement. I’m so grateful to have a supportive husband, family, and employer. I could not do what I do without lots of help. 

If you had one single piece of advice you could give a new mom, what would it be?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Life is never going to be the same – in the best way possible. Relax. Hold the baby. You will figure out what works for you and your family.

Describe your “mom style.” 

This is easy. I’m basic (and ok with it). My mom uniform is a white top, jeans, and flats. I might mix it up with chambray or a shift dress, but I always gravitate to a good, white top.


From where we are standing, you are doing an incredible job. We are in awe of your grace and ability to juggle the one million tasks on your to-do list. We hope you take your own advice and "don't be too hard on yourself." From our eyes, you are killin' the working mom game. June and Lane are lucky to have such a strong role model to call mom. 


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  • Diane Landry

    What an incredible Mom you are! I admire all that you have accomplished both as a co-worker and as a Mom. So proud to have you as a friend! Love those sweet little girls! Don’t ever change…you’ve got it going, girlfriend!

  • Cindy Shotwell

    Great article on a beautiful & smart momma! Great job Jill!

  • Connor LeBlanc

    Congrats Jill…so proud of you! You, Riley, Mary, and Betsy had a great mom for a role model! I know you are proud, Jacki!

  • Wanda Stine

    Great article on an amazing young lady. June and Lane are adorable. My best to Todd.

  • Martha Lou Roberts

    Great article. Great mom and kids!

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