Moms that Make it Happen: Jenni Moore

You know those people in your life that come in and out in certain stages and make you think - ok God, I hear you and I see you. This person is going to impact my life for the better. 

Jenni Moore is one of those people. Growing up near our hometown (Pineville), Annie Claire knew of Jenni long before they were good friends. Near the same age and grade, their teenage years were spent attending the same parties and having many mutual friends. 

Fast forward a decade or so and once again, Annie Claire and Jenni's paths collided when they married two Port Allen guys who were best friends. Well, all was history. 

Jenni has supported SoSis from our infancy attending pop-up shops when we were online-only, soft openings for friends and family, EVERY SoSis birthday party and beyond. She is who we think of when we think of "our girl" and we just can't get enough of her bright smile, incredible spirit and mad TikTok dance moves

In part 1 of a 4 part series, meet Jenni Moore. In this post, Jenni shares how very different her two daughters are, why she thinks this season may be her favorite of all and what she says "no" to. 

All photos by the talented Cassie Treuil Photography.

Describe what you "do"

I am a middle school Math teacher at Brusly Middle School. My days are spent trying my best to teach sixth-grade adolescents Math while also being their support system, life coach, nurse, therapist, and problem solver - all while they navigate those weird middle school years.

Tell us about your two daughters 

Molli Simone is eight years old and in the second grade at Holy Family School. This is my big-hearted girl. She is so snuggly, so loving, and the BEST big sister you have ever met. I often tell her that she will forever be my first baby, because she is the first one to make me a Momma. But, God put her in our world as a big sister for a reason.

She is very smart, which makes me proud, but it’s her heart and her ability to feel empathy for others that sets her apart. It comes so natural to her. She wants to be a doctor one day, and I think she actually could. -She loves all sports - from soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, softball in the spring. I rarely have to tell her something twice. She is my rule follower. You may assume she is shy if she doesn’t know you, but in her own time, she comes around.

Rubi Leigh is five years old and in Pre-K4 at Holy Family School. Rubi is attached to my hip - my side-kick. This girl is Momma’s baby for sure. My sweet, snuggle bunny; my forever baby because she will forever be the baby of the family - a role she proudly wears. Rubi loves her big sister so much. They are just the best together.

Rubi is my fashionista and changes probably 5-10 times a day (sometimes more)! She puts a lot of thought into her outfits picking what goes with what down to every last detail. She front tucks, front ties, accessorizes and puts on her play heels for any occasion. She thinks Nanny Annie (Annie Claire Bass) is soooo fancy and I see her trying to copy her looks! She loves all things “fancy," sparkles, rainbows, glitter, unicorns, makeup, princesses…all of it. She does not want anything to do with sports, but wants to try dance next season. My Rubi is animated and hilarious - a free spirit. Opposite of Molli, Rubi rarely does something after being told just once. She is fierce and is going to give me gray hairs. You wouldn’t believe it, but she is actually super shy if she is just meeting you. She is also my child that gets embarrassed easily but tries to hold it in and be tough in front of others. 

I love how very different my two girls are. 

Describe your current "season"

This time with these girls is the most wanted and needed I will ever be. We probably say “I love you” 800 times a day. My girls want my love. They want my attention. They want me to stop and snuggle on the couch. They want me to play and make-believe. They want me to play games.

They want ME.

I know these days are numbered, so I am soaking up all the snuggles while I can. I love this season. 

Tell us one of your favorite "life hacks"

Choose a true life partner. But really, get you a Joey… just not MY Joey.

Seriously though, we are a team. We both work full-time jobs and are both full-time parents. It's the only way we work and it's the only way we ever will. 

Favorite Mama memory to date?

There are SO many! How could I ever pick just one?

From staring at them for long hours during infancy while I rocked them and nursed them, to nowadays where I really just hold on to the weekends.

We play - a lot. My girls love to pretend play and with my background in PreK and Elementary Education, I am here for pretend play. As I get older, I hope I remember all the memories of playing with my girls! And I hope they remember them too!

If you had one tip you could give a new mom - what would it be?

FOMO does not serve you well in motherhood. Get comfortable with saying “no” to things that do not bring you joy or makes things harder on you. For me, I find joy in spending time with my family. It’s my “happy place.” So, I have had to learn to say no to some outside commitments to preserve that “family time.” This phase of life I am in will seem like the blink of an eye one day. One day they won’t want Saturday snuggles or bedtime stories. I’ll have more time to say “Yes” to everything when they are moody teenagers and don’t want me around anyway, right?

Describe your style

Comfortable! My favorite weekend fit would be a SoSis Tee, leggings, some funky cute shoes, and some Annie Claire Designs jewelry!


We are so grateful to you and your endless, unconditional support of SoSis. You make supporting us a family affair and for that, we are forever grateful. Thank you for sharing your sweet girls with us for this Mother's Day series. You're our girl, girl. 

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