Moms that Make it Happen: Hanna Naquin

It's crazy sock day at 6 a.m. and you panic. Whhhhyyyyy? Sure, it's all fun and games until you completely forget about the 10th random accessory day at school and the only cute, clean socks are Dad's red beans and rice socks. 

And it's Thursday. 

Hanna Naquin took this worry and made it a business. This young, fun, and joyful mom of two just launched AccessoryBox while raising two of the most amazing kiddos you'll ever meet at the baseball field and working full time. 

Each year, we anticipate our "Moms that Make it Happen" blog series with much excitement. Celebrating the mamas around us is not only fun, but more than anything - inspiring. 

Today, we invite you to meet Hanna Naquin. In this post, Hanna shares how she keeps the party going during Hurricane season while making memories and choosing JOY every single day. You're going to want to lean into this one. 

All photos by the talented Cassie Treuil Photography.


Describe what you do?

Well, I wear a few hats! During the day, I handle Marketing in North America for ERM - a global environmental consultancy.
I recently started a new venture - AccessoryBox! We're shaking up the school accessory game with a flexible subscription box that's a win-win for both parents and kids. As a busy mom myself, I know the struggle of keeping up with all the school accessory days - it's basically a full-time job! But with AccessoryBox, we're simplifying things and making it fun for the kids too. We're launching August 2023 for the upcoming school year and I'm beyond excited to see it take off.

Tell us about your children 

I have two incredible kids - Hayes who is 7 and Kiki who is 5. They both attend Our Lady of Mercy where Kiki is in Pre-K and Hayes is in the First Grade REACH Program. The program is truly remarkable as it provides special education support while integrating the kids with their peers and keeping them with their family together at the same school.
Hayes is a unique little guy with the sweetest smile and cool personality. He's into music and sports, particularly baseball which he shares with his Dad, an assistant coach at Catholic High School. Luke Combs is his favorite artist and he loves to rock out on the guitar or drums at the School of Rock and Guitar CenterKiki is an extremely social butterfly and a bit of a hot mess express (just like her Mama). She loves gymnastics, dancing, acting and anything crafty or artistic! They are extremely close and look a lot like twins, it's so much fun having them close and getting to see them grow and play together.

Describe the current season you are in 

Oh, we're knee-deep in Hurricane season and we're having a blast riding it out with a Hurricane party! Juggling two kids, a full-time job, a new business, baseball games and all the curveballs life throws at us is definitely not easy, but thankfully we have an amazing support system of family and friends who help us keep our heads above water. So, grab a drink and join usbecause we're making memories that will last a lifetime and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Life is short and we’re making the most of it.

Tell us some of your favorite life hacks

fully believe in training your brain to be positive is the best hack - it's a habit that just makes your life so much better. When you're going through something rough just remember that it is only a tiny piece of life, and you’ll soon be looking back on it with a different perspective
Here’s another random hack for parents of little girls who wear the tiny rubber bands - use conditioner to get them out. Apply a good bit and you’ll have no problem!
And of course, AccessoryBoxThe ultimate life hack for school accessory days - total game changer.

What's your favorite Mama memory to date

Picking a favorite memory is hard because we do a lot and I really do have awesome kids. I would say, I love seeing them at the ballpark playing on the field either after a game or just at practice on the weekend.
It's funny because that is our family time. Most people play in the backyard, we play at the ballpark.
Although not a memory, what makes me so proud as a Mom is seeing my kids being their true, authentic selves and not worrying about fitting in. I try to instill in them the importance of kindness and embracing everyone's differences, and they fully display that in their own unique ways. They're silly and find joy in the simple things in life, which makes me one happy Mom!

If you had one tip you could give a new mom - what would it be? 

My advice for new moms is to expect the unexpected. Kids are like little science experiments - you never know what you're going to get! You’ll probably think “will they be like me?” and then they'll surprise you with their funny quirks, unique personalities, and crazy antics that come out of nowhere. Just when you think you have them all figured out, they'll throw you a curveball. So, sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show. It's going to be one wild, but super fun ride!

Describe your style 

I've always been the kind of girl who is all or nothing, especially when it comes to fashion. Working from home hasn't made it any easier for me to find the motivation to dress up, so you might catch me with last night's makeup on or in my comfiest sweatpants. But when I do dress up, I love to make a statement with bold designs, interesting textures, and eye-catching colors. There’s nothing like getting all dressed up and feeling confident in yourself.


What a joy it has been to meet you and get to know you as a part of the Catholic High family for all these years. Your two kiddos reflect the love, acceptance and joy you radiate. Happy Mother's Day to YOU, sister! Thank you for supporting SoSis. 


Top: $52 | Joggers: $68 | Earrings: $24 

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