Ebbing and flowing through Motherhood

What does it take to “make it happen?” What a tough question. Sometimes what it takes is so incredibly hard and draining, I wonder — what’s it all worth, really? 

What sacrifice is worth it and what is better off being told “no.” What work deserves that early morning focus and what work could be better off being “B+ level?” What is financially worth missing Muffins with Mom for and what just isn't (I didn't miss it, by the way). What event is worth dropping everything to go to and what event is worth missing to stay home and have a slow Saturday? 

I think there are aspects that fall into each bucket very distinctly making it easy to decide. But sometimes, it’s hard to see the forest from the trees. 

I feel like I’m at a pivotal point in my motherhood journey (yes I realize I’m still a newbie here). But y’all - balancing a busy career with a child is so, so hard. Zoom calls in my car, posts written from the park, Mother's Day mornings spent posting Mother's Day messages for my clients - it's all a part of my to-do list. 

And sometimes (like today), I just want to pretend there is nothing undone on that list. I want to throw it away and pretend nothing will happen if I don't get it all done. 

“WRITE MOTHER’S DAY BLOG” was on my list Monday. Yes, Monday.

  • Does anyone notice? No.
  • Were you waiting patiently for me to wrap up this SoSis Mother's Day series? Heck no. 
  • Would you even be able to tell if I didn't write a post? No. 

But here I am. I can't be the marketing arm of our SoSis duo and not write my personal part for a series I created. So albeit late, I'm here, sharing these words with you. I hope you give me grace and don't judge my words too much.

You know what I did this weekend instead of writing this post? I helped my Mom. Because when ranking my to-do list - my Mom was at the very top. My Mom needed a few extra hands to "make it happen," so I obliged. Tired eyes and heavy emotions in tow - I tried to be there for my Mom. 

And I feel like that's what it takes to make it happen. To ebb and flow with the life around you. To know when to say "it can wait" and when to drop everything and offer a hand. Some days it's so very clear to see. Some days it's not. I am thankful to have so many people around me to clear things up when my heart doesn't quite know how. 

Happy Mother's Day, Chel! 


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  • Mom

    Such a beautiful and truthful post Chel!! I’m so thankful for your help, along with Shelby, Katy, Clayton and everyone else that helped make it happen!! That’s what family is all about, and I must say I have one of the best❤️❤️❤️

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