Moms that Make it Happen: Brooke Knight

What does it mean to "make it happen?" Sometimes it means you've accomplished everything on your to-do list while rocking a teething baby and sipping coffee. Other times it means you simply kept the small humans around you alive by allowing them to watch the fourth episode of "Daniel Tiger" while you "take a minute." 

However you make it happen, we salute you, sis. 

Every year, our "Moms that Make it Happen" blog series one we look forward to for many reasons. We love learning more about the Mamas right under our noses and never cease to get inspired by how they "make it happen."

In part 1 of a 4 part series, let us introduce you to Brooke Knight. Brooke so graciously shared her incredible thoughts with us on motherhood and balance. Be sure to read to the end and see why she says her family is in a "sweet spot" because they have "no D's." 

Describe what you "do"

I'm a fitness instructor at Nourish Wellness and Burn Baton Rouge. In addition, I train clients at my home and offer Macro Coaching services. I love helping women, especially moms, find ways to incorporate fitness and nutrition into their busy days.

I recently started an Instagram page for my two passions: fitness and travel. Check it out: @fittotraveltheworld.

Tell us about your children

Hays (11) is in 5th grade. He’s creative and witty. He loves baseball, art, tennis and football.

Bennett (9) is in 3rd grade. He’s kind hearted and athletic. He loves karate, baseball, fishing and golf.

Reese (5) is in kindergarten. She’s spunky and oh so funny. She loves dance, tball, karate, and pretending like she's the mom.

They all go to St. George School. We also have a precious puppy, Winston, who's been stealing our hearts and destroying our home since January.

Describe the current "season" you are in

The busy "season" for sure! Homework, sports and tests - oh my! With three kids in 2+ activities each, we are busy every single night of the week (hello seven days a week of baseball plus dance, karate, and tennis.) I'm pretty much a mom Uber driver and see my husband more in parking lots exchanging kids then I do at home.

As hectic as this season is, there is so much beauty to it. Watching my kids do what they love is truly AMAZING and the memories that we are making are absolutely PRICELESS! I know one day we will miss our jam packed calendar, so I try to appreciate each moment (even the black eye that my middle one is currently sporting).

Downtime to relax and recharge is so rare these days so if a commitment is not a "Heck Yes!" then it's a hard "NO."

I also think that my husband and I are in the "sweet spot" of parenting - no D's - Diapers or Drivers! Gone are the days of breastfeeding, nap times, diaper changes, and all the freaking baby gear. But we haven't hit the independent stage that comes with driving - high school, choosing friends over family time, and even dating. So for now, I'm keeping my kiddos close, feeling grateful that they are mine, and taking as many vacays together as we possibly can! 

Tell us one of your favorite "life hacks" 

Calendar planning and meal prepping are what make my world go round. But my favorite "life hack" is to just take the vacation! Life these days is so busy with an endless list of to-dos, chores, events, work, and  laundry. Everyone needs a minute to press pause and relax. Traveling allows me to let go of all the things that constantly weigh me down and I get to be the fun, care-free mom that my kids deserve. Plus, using hotel/airline points and miles makes it so much more affordable to travel! 

Favorite Mama memory to date?

After having two boys and finding out that our third child was a girl, my husband and I decided to play a little prank on everyone. We told them we were having a third boy and surprised them in the hospital with a baby girl! We thought it was absolutely hilarious but I don't think the grandmothers have really forgiven us for that one!

Our boys were the first people to meet our daughter and instead of being upset that they didn’t get a brother, they were thrilled to have a sister. That moment - our first seconds as a family of 5 - complete, in love, and grateful - there is nothing sweeter.  

If you had one tip you could give a new mom - what would it be?  

Two things come to mind:

  1. Find your tribe and Hold on tight
    Momming ain't easy, it definitely takes a village, so find yours and absolutely treasure them. My crew drops off dinner when we are sick, watches my kiddos when I have work, never judges my messy home, sends me words of encouragement when I'm down, and loves my babes and husband as if they are their own. I 100% couldn't do this mom thing alone. 
  2. You can't pour from an empty cup.
    Mom guilt is real, so don’t forget to take time for yourself! I’m thankful that my husband can easily recognize when I need a minute to do something just for me. Setting time for things I enjoy - working out, a good book, a bubble bath, a long walk, a girl’s night - help me be a better wife and mom.                        

Describe your "Mom" style

Super low key and causal!  I LIVE in leggings (for both work and leisure) so my go-to outfit is leggings, a stylish tee, and a cute pair of sneakers. When I do get "dressed" up, it's typically something super comfortable that I can play with the kids in. I typically go for basic pieces and use jewelry, shoes and accessories to mix it up, add some color, or change an outfit from casual to dressy. 

Thank you, Brooke! 

We are so happy to be a "Heck Yes!" in your book and don't take that honor lightly. Thank you for sharing your precious family with us and for supporting our small business during such a busy season.

Now.....can we get in on a girls night with you? ;) 

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