Moms That Make it Happen: Ashley Greenhouse

Being intentional is something we really strive for and have since the beginning. When you walk into our store, we intentionally try to make you feel like family. When we plan events, we intentionally think about our customer's experience and how we can deliver the very best. When we curate a Mother's Day content series (like this one), we think long and hard about the sisters we ask to participate. 

Want to know someone who is intentional in every aspect of her life? Ashley Greenhouse. This sis goes out of her way to treat her daughter's daycare teacher to a shopping spree at SoSis. She pitches ideas to us to celebrate teachers and together we make it happen. She hypes SoSis up in almost every room she's in. 

Each year, we truly love our "Moms that Make it Happen" blog series. Celebrating the mamas around is one of our favorite times of the year. 

Today, we invite you to meet Ashley Greenhouse. In this post, Ashley shares how sometimes to "make it happen" a girl needs to outsource. She explains how this season of life is all about instilling her family's core values into her girls - a responsibility she does not take lightly. Her words may bring you to tears while offering a special perspective that makes you wish to be intentional in every aspect of your life. Read on and get to know this special lady! 

All photos by the talented Cassie Treuil Photography.


Professionally, I am an attorney. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of practicing law with one of my best friends Ronnie at our law firm Haley & Associates for more than a decade. My primary focus is family law. I spend most of my days convincing clients that the dark days they face will not last forever. I offer creative solutions to complex domestic matters. 


Lillian Charlotte, age 7, is changing every day, but she is always creative and inquisitive. She loves a camera, but she is extremely shy when meeting strangers. When comfortable, Lillian Charlotte will fill every quiet moment with words. She rarely leaves the house without sneaking on eye shadow and a tinted lip. She has no idea how cool she is yet, but we are committed to helping her discover it. Lillian Charlotte loves to create videos, craft, and journal (in her closet). She participates in dance, T-ball, and tennis.

Lia Catherine, age 4, unintentionally steals the spotlight of every room she enters. Little sister is out here living her best life, and it’s obvious! She wears a big afro and a huge smile. Lia Catherine does whatever she wants whenever she wants. She is obsessed with Daddy and Sissy. Lia Catherine also participates in dance, T-ball, and tennis (just like Sissy). 

When I have time, we share some pretty funny content of the girls on instagram: @4thegreenhousegirls or @everybodyloveslillian.


This season is all about intentional parenting and I’ve never been more exhausted. I guess every season has included being intentional in different areas, but now I’m REALLY watching the girls emulate my behavior. In this season, we prioritize opportunities to allow the girls to discover what they love. We also look for activities that will reinforce our family’s core values. These days, everything we do to expose them has such critical consequences. 


Get a nanny (or whatever else you need)! I picked this up from some mama friends I saw noticed thriving. They would preach “outsourcing.” Supplemental childcare has certainly been one of our family’s most valuable resources. My husband and I realized we weren’t better parents because we sat outside the dance studio for hours every week. Now, we get to reallocate that time to additional office hours or day dates.  **

Also, did you know Suds Laundry Services will pick up your dirty laundry from your front porch?! Game changer! Like, you never have to do laundry again.

Get what you need, Sis! 


February 16, 2016 was the day I became a Mama. Seeing Lillian Charlotte’s face that day will always be my favorite Mama memory. On the same day (February 16th), fourteen years earlier, my mama Roxanne Charlotte passed away. So, when Lillian Charlotte was born, over a week late, she was right on time!
To date, redeeming THAT day has been the sweetest thing God has ever done for me. A gift that keeps on giving, even on the tough days, Lillian Charlotte’s presence is a reminder that “God knows and He cares.”


Goodness..ONE?! I’ll have to try to marry two:

(1) Don’t compare your child or your journey to the parts you get to see of someone else's

(2) Good enough IS perfect! Many mamas spend so much time planning all the things, sincerely desiring to do things “right” or to make things special, in an attempt to raise healthy, happy kids. Too many times, I have obsessed over details, at the expense of joy. I’ve extended additional resources (time and money) for details that added no value to the experience. Be inspired by what you see, but what YOU can do (without being overwhelmed) is PERFECT.


I’d say my style is what I like to call “mom chic.” My “mom chic” attempts to embrace the current trends, but won’t sacrifice comfort to achieve it. If it doesn’t have a high waist and pockets, I probably won’t be wearing it these days.


Goodness there are so many nuggets of wisdom packed into this post we find it hard to pick our favorite. Ashley has ties to our small hometown - Marksville - and is truly a loud and fierce supporter of LOCAL. Visits from her lift us up when we need it and somehow inspire us to do something a little different than we have before. May we all "prioritize opportunities to allow us to discover what we love." Happy Mother's Day to YOU, sister! Thank you for supporting SoSis. 


Top: $58 | Jeans: $72 | Loafers: $42 | Earrings: $28


  • Maisha “Esh” Clay

    Ashley is my long time childhood friend who is more like family!! Ashley comes from a good foundation based on God first, faith, and family. In addition her village poured into her from the time she was born up until now. We all LOVE Ashley so much. Always have always will. My mother was Ashley’s mom’s Godmother. Marksville keeps it in the family lol. I know they are both smiling down on you and showering you with ancestry love. I have always admired Ashley’s ability to walk in any room holding her head high with so much confidence! I admire her determination and drive. She continues to inspire me as mother and friend. If you know Ashley then you are pretty much blessed. 1. she will make u smile 2. she will have you laughing and 3. you will be blessed by her many gifts….Happy Mothers Day Nikki 💜

  • Lynette Johnson

    I’m Ashley Greenhouse aunt and I admire this woman so much, she is a hardworking attorney and a wonderful mother and advocate for children everywhere, she works tirelessly for her family and school! I love you very much and I am very proud of you and I know that your mother is smiling and saying, “GO ON NIKKI!”😂😂😂❤️❤️💗💚

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