Three's a Party!

Baseball playoffs is often how Annie Claire spends her Mother's Day weekend. Kids in the dirt, cheering on the Catholic High School Bears is right where you can find her this very weekend (Go Bears!).

But this year is different. This year, she's toting around a blonde haired, blue eyed boy who isn't a fan of the word "no." 

Annie Claire may be one of the most laid back Mamas around. It's inspiring for those of us who just don't have that kind of chill. It especially comes in handy when you add a baby to your crew making you a Mama of three. 

But don't you dare use AC's three babes as a reason as to why she "can't do something." Try and she will quickly correct you. She hates being underestimated and really dislikes anyone viewing her as anything other than the MANY hats she successfully wears - Mom, Wife, Business Owner (x3). 

Today, she's sharing what it means to her to go from two kids to three. Her thoughts may surprise you. Read on for more! 

What's the biggest difference going from 2 to 3

Honestly, I haven't felt a major difference at going from two to three until just recently. When Bennett was first born, I was home with him and the girls were in school, so I really enjoyed that time with just he and I. The infant stage is the easiest to me, because they mostly sleep, eat and poop - repeat. Not to down play how hard it is to take care of an infant. It's no easy feat. But for me, if I'm comparing it to other stages of raising children, it is by far the easiest. 

Then COVID hit when Bennett was just four months old, so we were home for a long time with all three. Hello. Honestly, it wasn't too bad because Brad and I were in it together. We would take turns with the home teaching, take turns with watching them while the other got work done, etc. We made it work. 

And y'all - my girls really help with Bennett. The age difference has truly been a blessing!  Aubree is like a little Momma and Gracie is really starting to come around. Remembering her reaction when we first told her about being pregnant - she said "I don't want to be a big sister!" So, she's come a LONG way. 

All of that to say that I really started to feel the difference going from 2 to 3 just recently. Now that Bennett is mobile and into EVERYTHING - gotta love the toddler stage - it's harder to keep tabs on him if you aren't constantly watching. I know so many of you can relate.

Having two girls very close in age makes it pretty easy to find babysitters, but when you throw a one year old baby boy in the mix, it gets a little tough.  When you have to pick up three kids from three different places all by a certain time, it gets STRESSFUL. I'm so thankful for my Mom and mother-in-law who so graciously take all three when I really need them. But sometimes that mom guilt sets in.

Tell us one Mama story you wouldn't normally admit 

The other day, we were all outside and the kids were playing on the trampoline.  I ran inside to grab something and thought Aubree was watching Bennett.  Welp, nope.  He high tailed it across the street and my sweet neighbor brought him back to me!  Not sure if I should be admitting - we live on a culdesak and very not busy street - but y'all. I had to check myself and remember, this too shall pass. Thank goodness for grace, forgiveness, new days and kind neighbors. 

Happy Mother's Day, AC! 

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