When One Becomes Two: A Mother's Day Reflection from Chelsey

What's the biggest difference going from one child to two? 

That's a loaded question, right? And for everyone I've asked, the answers are different. 

Twice the love! 
Twice the responsibility. 
Twice the laughs!
Twice the bedtime stories, songs, and "lay with me longer." 
Twice the milestones! 
Twice the laundry. 

In part 4 of a 4 part series, get a peek at SoSis owner, Chelsey's, conflicted feelings as she prepares to welcome baby #2 into the SoSis fam. In this post, Chel shares how she is excited, nervous, sad and hopeful about this transition and all the emotions in between. 

All photos by the talented Cassie Treuil Photography.

Being almost exactly four years younger than Annie Claire, I knew we wanted to take some time between one and two. Charlie Jo will be five in December and our new baby is due August 26, 2022. 

Charlie Jo is a girl on fire. She is as spunky as she is affectionate. She is as loud as she is curious. She is as soft-hearted as she is outgoing. She is mine and I am hers and it's been that way for more than four years now. 

As I prepare to increase our load, I am filled with emotions (could also be described as hormones to some). Here's some real talk for you....

I am excited! 

My husband, Robert, and I have always talked about having two children. Both of us love the relationships we have with our siblings (hello - SoSis) and want that for CJ. I am excited for Char to finally have a friend to play with - and for me to stop being the solo invite to her tea parties. I learned so much the first go-round and want to approach the fourth trimester completely differently than I did with Char - more grace, less work, more savoring. I am very excited to start this journey of two and, most days, I feel ready. 

I am very nervous. 

Some would call me a nervous Nelly. I come by it honestly (thanks Dad). What will labor look like? Will I have gestational diabetes again? Will this baby sleep as well as Charlie Jo did? Will I have a C-section again? Will I recover quickly? How will ME being 4 years older impact all of that? Do I need a Doona? 

So many questions - so little space in my brain to worry about them. After all, I am invited to have tea with the queen tonight. 

I'm a little sad. 

Charlie Jo is my girl. She's my bike riding buddy. My "Joy Comes in the Morning" song singing queen. My avocado sandwich-making princess. My "Mom can we have a water hose party" country baby. My wears socks with sandals and mixes patterns daily fasionista. My whole heart aches for this one little girl. I'm sad to lose our one-on-one time and am hopeful I don't lose pieces of her in the midst of adding a new baby into our world. It brings me to tears sometimes - but then again, the end of every phase of her life has (I still mourn the days of "lesterday."). 

Everyone says your heart makes room and I believe it. I just need to see it for myself I guess. 

I am filled with hope. 

I am hopeful that the experiences Robert and I bring to baby #2 will give us peace in the unknown seasons. I pray we find renewed strength in leaning on one another (and on Charlie Jo at times) to make adding one more to our family a true, shared experience for us all. 

Boy or girl? I mean it when I say I am excited about the idea of either! Sisters are my love language. But then again, I've never had the opportunity to learn how much of a treasure a little boy can be. 

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