Remembering to Pause and Savor: A Mother's Day Reflection from Annie Claire

As a mom of three, I get to experience different stages of life with each one of my children at the same time. This can be fun and it can be overwhelming. I surely don't have all the answers as to the right or wrong way to raise these humans, but all I can do is my very best and know that at the end of the day, that is enough. 

In part 3 of a 4 part series, get a peek at SoSis owner, Annie Claire L. Bass's, wild and crazy ride with three kiddos. In this post, AC shares how sometimes she feels like an Uber driver, the wisdom she's gained with her older two making her savor moments with her youngest, and just how hard it is to pause. 

All photos by the talented Cassie Treuil Photography.

Aubree (10) is in fourth grade at Holy Family School, makes straight A's, is obsessed with competitive cheerleading, is a natural at playing the piano and singing, and wants to be the best at everything. She's my perfectionist and sometimes, she gets in her own way. 

Gracie (8) is really into softball, loves basketball, is very artistic, and not so set on making straight As. She is my free spirit (reminds me a lot of myself) - thoughtful creative and wears her emotions on her sleeve. She also still likes me to tuck her in and say prayers together at night and I'll take that for as long as possible!

Bennett (2) goes from sour to sweet in less than two seconds. We are figuring out his boy-ish ways and toddler moods while loving how perfectly he completed our family. He is mischievous (you should see those eyes) with a sweet, snuggly side that makes getting him out of our bed super hard. There's just something about your last one, y'all.... Currently, he repeats everything (you really have to watch) and loves "cockit mote" (chocolate milk).

These three keep me running from practice to practice constantly and sometimes I wonder if I am anything more than a taxi service to them. Of course I know the answer (they like when I cook too, ha), but the days are long and the years are short, right? 

At the end of the day, raising good humans is the goal. Good thing I have a life partner who is very involved and supports the madness with me. Even during baseball season (reminder: Brad is the head baseball coach at Catholic High School), he is ending practice early or scheduling his games at 4 or 5 PM, just so he can make it home by dinner with the family. I truly couldn't do it all without him!  

I have moments of frustration because of my busy lifestyle and I often have to check myself to remember what matters most. Unpacking that brand new box of Z SUPPLY can wait - I have to get Aubree to cheer practice on time.

I can't be upset about my children wanting to be involved in so many activities when I do the same. We all know, they are watching. But I'd be lying if I said I don't feel stressed when it feels like I simply can't finish a single task because I need to get Gracie to her softball game on time. Then I see the joy in her face as she hits a triple and looks for me at third. It's a clear reminder that I need to pause, look up, pay attention and know I will miss this one day. The box of inventory will be there tomorow. Gracie on third base will not. 

I have a theme song for my littles - "You Gotta Be," by Desiree. Listen to the lyrics next time you hear it and to me, it's just perfect.

All this to say, Mamas, we are all just doing our best and our little ones can see that. Love them hard because "love will save the day."


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