Sometimes Letting Go is the best way to Hold On

It's hard to believe that I've been a Mom for a little over 11 years now. My oldest, Aubree, is on the cusp of being a pre-teen and I am not sure how I feel about it. I just keep thinking about my teenage years and how I was with my Mom.

Not sure if it was because I am the oldest or if it was because I was a little more rebellious than my sister, but I know I put my parents through much worry. However, they must have trusted me enough to allow me to move across the country for a year at 18. I learned SO MUCH about myself in that year and the fact that they trusted me was key.

After that year, my Mom and I became the best of friends - not how I would describe our relationship at age 16, but she was my mom. She did the best she could to discipline me, teach me, and be there for me. After 18 years, being her best friend came so easy because of the immense respect I have for her raising me to be who I am.  

I'm learning as I go, but I am so glad I have my Mom to go to when I need advice on what to do. My hope is to raise humans that show respect to others and lead with a kind heart. I strive to be open with them so that they will feel comfortable enough with me to be honest, even if I won't like the truth. While I also strive to have boundaries that are reasonable to them.

So I guess this blog post is a nod to my own Mama in a sense. To see her as a grandmother now is so beautiful. She is the strongest, most selfless woman I know and I'm lucky she's my Mama.  

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. You are one in a million and I love you to the Mississippi and back a thousand times over. 

All photos by the talented Cassie Treuil Photography.


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  • Mom

    Annie Boo,
    This is the most special gift I could ever get!! You are an amazing mom that has made your mom soo proud!! Just remember to raise you girls with RESPECT!!😂. Just like MOM tried to do, and I have to say it worked. I’m soo proud of the women you have become, the awesome mom that you are to your children, my beautiful grandchildren, and your husband who I truly take like a son I never had.
    I love y’all all to the moon and back and more than that!!

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