Yes, You Can Mix Patterns!

There's no right or wrong when it comes to mixing patterns because it's all about how you wear it. But there are a few things you should consider before randomly snatching up the first shirt in front of you.

What's Your Day Going to Be Like?

Color patterns can impact the kind of day you're going to have. That's backed up by science. In fact, different patterns can change people's perceptions of you and may even affect your mood.

As far as colors go, patterns with blues, oranges, and browns create a sense of security and warmth, whereas greens are more soothing. Grays are practical and go with just about anything, or you can really make a statement and rock a "groutfit." No matter what kind of day you've got ahead of you, you shouldn't be afraid to experiment with colors as well as prints.

panama hat, leaf printed kimono, white t shirt stripped shorts and grey sandals styled by SoSis in Port Allen, LA

What's Your Style?

Whether you're more laidback or a #girlboss, getting a feel for what you like can help you figure out how to spice up your look. You can start by going through the different patterns and prints you already own. Play around with different combinations so you can see which pieces you can mix and match and which ones just don't belong together. But remember, patterns aren't the only thing to think about. The fit and material of your clothes will also make a big difference in which pieces you can wear together.

Stripped shirt, cheetah print shorts, beaded jewelry and sunglasses styled by SoSis in Port Allen, LA

Go Ahead! Mix It Up!

Florals and leopard print are distinctive patterns that can go on anything, whether it's a skirt, shoes, or even a hair tie. Stripes and gingham are pattern chameleons that you can mix and match with other, bolder prints. Trying out a few different looks is the best way to see what fits your style. It's hard to definitively say what does or doesn't work. But as long as you like how you look, who cares?

But I'm Still Not Sure About Which Patterns I Want...

We've got you covered. With our subscription-based LYLAS Box, SoSis Boutique can pick out the best looks for you. Simply fill out the LYLAS Box Style Q&A, and we'll match you with a personal stylist who will handpick pieces that fit your taste and lifestyle. If you'd rather pick out a few things yourself, you can always check out our latest looks made for women just like you.

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