Lucky #7 | SoSis Celebrates 7 Years in Business

Not everything about business has felt lucky all these years, but as we close out year 7 in the book of SoSis, we are willing to bet our lucky stars on each other, our team and our beloved SoSis. 

Two major things we are proud of from Year 7: 

  1. Setting aggressive sales goals each month and meeting or exceeding them. We started year seven with very clear, hard to reach sales goals. We figured, with this many years under our belt, we wanted to see major growth. We were relentless in doing whatever it took to meet goals (hello three extra pop ups, Sunday try-on sessions, Facebook Live sales). In this case, the hard work paid off! 
  2. Work ON our business vs. IN our business. Que up online marketing classes, new sales channels and elevated marketing efforts (photoshoots galore). 

What we are working toward in Year 8: 

  • Working smarter, not harder by...
    • Leaning on our team and focusing on their talents. 
    • Playing on our strengths and focusing on what we are each most passionate about. 
    • And doing less of what drains our energy. 

Here's to year 8 - let's make it great! 





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