What Valentine's Day Means to Us...

For Annie Claire and I, Valentine's Day takes on a much different meaning. Ever since we can remember, we've spent Valentine's Day together at our parents' flower shop - Germean's Flowers & Gifts in Marksville, Louisiana. 

I remember being pretty young and anxiously awaiting school to end so I could go to work with my mom, dad, grandmother, sister, aunt....you get the idea. It was exciting! It was like from a very young age, I knew how much one day meant to the life of my parents' business. 

Now, with a business of our own, that has never meant more to Annie Claire and I. Yesterday, when SoSis was off, we spent the day working with our parents and the awesome staff at Germean's. We filled orders, made arrangements for pick-up, organized delivery routes and did whatever else was needed to help ensure today runs as smoothly as possible. 

It's our first Valentine's Day in the shop without our sweet grandmother who started all of this madness. You can read more about her here. We're really missing her physical presence and the way she would sneak arrangements past mom and ask, "Chel, what do you think? Do I still have it?" That woman never "lost it." 

We know she's still with us making sure we have no holes in our arrangements and that all of our flowers are wired, but we still wish she was sitting on her chair asking dad for flowers from the cooler. This was her for Valentine's Day just last year.

Because we can't get away from flowers on a day like today, we've decided to bring a little bit of our parent's shop to #SoSisIRL.

Flowers & a Gift Card Make the Perfect Valentine 

TODAY ONLY, we are offering a little something special for the SoSis guys. Swing by the store any time from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. today and grab a small arrangement of fresh flowers for $30! Pair that with a SoSis gift card and your Valentine will be surprised and thankful! With so many new arrivals coming in daily, no sista will be mad about a gift card to help her spruce up her spring wardrobe. But hurry - we only have 10 arrangements available! 

I'll be holding down the fort at Germean's today, but Annie Claire and Carlie will be at SoSis ready to help make this Valentine's special for YOU! 

From many generations of small business owners, thanks for supporting SoSis...today and every day! 


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