Welcome to SoSis, Z SUPPLY

After this year's trip to MAGIC MARKET WEEK, we left with excitement for many brands - one main one being Z SUPPLY! We were so very excited to meet with this brand and couldn't WAIT for October when our first shipment was set to come in. 

Well, it's here sis and we are just as in love as we were when we were sitting at this table in Vegas. 

Z SUPPLY started their journey eight years ago with a simple tee. Since then, this luxurious brand has mastered the art of casual-cool style. These iconic silhouettes are crafted to be essential pieces for your everyday wardrobe.

Z SUPPLY designs reflect the belief that simplicity, comfort and style should coexist in every closet. Featuring signature plush fabrics, timeless silhouettes, and versatile style, Z SUPPLY collections are everyday essentials that can be worn by everyone.

Our Z SUPPLY curated collection is available sizes X-small - large at this time (X-large coming soon). We've thoughtfully selected these pieces because we think they speak to our girl - the SoSis sista that can't help but fall for a high-quality, comfy knit any day of the week. 

WATCH Annie Claire and Chelsey talk all about SoSis' first Z SUPPLY collection on Facebook Live

Expect MORE where this is coming from, sis. We hope to be taking you from A to Z SUPPLY for years to come! 

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