{Video} Paula & Tony Clayton Share Their Vision Behind the Village at Huns Grove

When The Village at Huns Grove was still being built, SoSis was an online-only boutique exploring the idea of opening our very first storefront in West Baton Rouge. One thing led to another and soon Chelsey and Annie Claire were in a room across the table from Tony and Paula Clayton - owners of the new development. 

Through a lot of sweat (and a few tears), we opened SoSis the week of Thanksgiving - November 2016. SoSis was the first business to open inside The Village at Huns Grove. 

Since then, Tony and Paula Clayton have truly been two of our biggest cheerleaders. Paula's support of SoSis through her ongoing, thoughtful purchases, frequent pop in's, and CC's caffeine supply has shown us over and over again how important we are to her overall vision for this shopping center. Tony's quick "hellos" through the window, open-door policy, and genuine care for how business is going have been invaluable in our journey. 

Recently, we sat down with District Attorney, Tony Clayton, and Paula Clayton asking them to share more with us about their vision for The Village at Huns Grove, its businesses and the many moving parts that make our community go round. It was quite an inspiring conversation, if we do say so ourselves. 

Take a minute to listen in. We hope you'll see the many reasons we have to love West Baton Rouge, our storefront location, and the landlords that support us. 

Special thanks to our friends at Nine and a Half Films for the production of this video. 

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