3 Tips for Wearing White on White This Summer

Now that June 21st has come and gone, it's officially summer! You probably already know that it's an outdated faux pas to not wear white after Labor Day. You probably also know that we don’t abide by many fashion rules (who made this one anyway?). We say, if it makes you feel confident, rock it, sister!

If you want to double down with white on white (we love this look), here are a few tips to help you put together a look that'll stand out.

1. Keep It Simple

Summer outfits should be light and airy, and this is especially true if you're looking to wear white on white. A classic look like white jeans with a lacy white top is an eye-catching option that works well at everything from garden parties to concerts and more. Looking for something a little more formal? A white A-line dress is a great look for summer cocktail receptions or work events.

A girl wearing a white dress

2. Accents Make It Pop

All-white is a strong summer look, but what can really set it off is a splash of color that stands out against a white backdrop. Try pairing white jeans and a white top with a brightly colored belt and a statement Annie Claire Designs necklace. Not only will the accent stand out, but the contrast will also make the white appear more vibrant.

A girl with a white shirt and bracelets

3. Make Sure It Matches

Sistas, as you probably already know, "white" is not one color. Try and avoid pairing ivory with vanilla thinking they're the same thing. You don't have to wear a pantsuit that's cut from the same piece of fabric, but shoot for a close enough shade that the difference isn't noticeable. Or, wear two shades of white that are distinctly different, like a plain white t-shirt and a cream skirt, so it's obvious that you weren't trying to make them match.

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