Three Reasons You (Yes, You!) Should Be Wearing Animal Print This Season

Alright, sis, you may have read our fall style blog and thought you can't pull off animal print. Girl, think again. It's fun, classy and versatile—just like you. Here are three of the many reasons you need to be looking at this fall trend in the mirror and not just in your magazines.

It's Classic and Wild

One of the best things about animal print is that you can wear it anywhere. Dress up a leopard-print midi skirt with a black blouse and a pair of heels, and you're ready to head to the office. Put on that same skirt, throw on a crop top, and finish it off with a pair of platform sneakers, and you can take it out to brunch. Animal print offers the best of both worlds, so you can wear it whether you're going for a polished, professional look or showing off your sassy side for a wild night out.

Everyone Looks Good in It

Animal print is the perfect way to show your stripes, no matter your age, shape or style! Trends are for everyone, and animal print is no exception. Sure, it's back in style this fall, but did it ever really go out of style? It's been in the fashion world for decades, and for good reason: it makes women look fabulous. Animal print is timeless, and it looks good on everyone!

It's the Perfect Statement Piece

If you're new to animal print or prefer a more subtle wardrobe, accessories make the perfect statement piece! Try some fun leopard earrings for a girls' night out or a pair of snake print shoes to shake up your weekend errand runs. All it takes is an animal print scarf or piece of jewelry to make your entire outfit pop and draw attention to a bold fashion statement that reflects your playful personality.

Ready to go out on a limb with leopard print or feel adventurous in (faux) snakeskin? SoSis Boutique in Port Allen, LA has got you covered! Check out our online inventory or stop by our store today to pick out your new favorite animal print wardrobe staples for fall.

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