Way Past Biology | Sister Sister Feature 2 of 4

There are three sisters we see in our "recent customers" report often. 

Brittany Beatty 
Alyssa Chatelain 
Heidi Berthelot 

It is like when they shop with us, they really do come to shop with US. No matter what new arrivals are on the floor (or in the stock room), these ladies shop with a purpose - to support our small business. It's really no surprise because one of them is our fellow retail sister/girl boss/small business cheerleader. Heidi Berthelot is our neighbor (right down Hwy 1) who owns Twisted Oak - a local and online boutique for children and tweens. Coming up in our next sister feature are three little familiar faces rocking outfits from Twisted Oak! 

Today, as part two of our annual, four part Sista, Sista series, we're introducing you to Brittany, Alyssa and Heidi. Two biological sisters paired with one sweet sister-in-law makes for the perfect girl gang that we are just dying to sip wine with. Get to know them, shop their looks and fall in love with their infectious smiles. 

Meet Heidi 

Heidi Berthelot is the owner of Twisted Oak Boutique - a local children's/tween boutique in Brusly, Louisiana with an online shop shipping everywhere! Heidi is one of those people who delivers on what she promises and truly practices what she preaches. If she says something, she means it and her actions will follow suit. A mom of two girls - we are in awe of the exceptional example she sets for her girls as she works her tail off balancing a small business, family, life and a little fun thrown in there, too! 

Shop Heidi's Look: 
Blouse | Flare Jeans (similar) | Earrings 

Meet Brittany 

Brittany Beatty shares her creative talents with the team at Salon FortyOne67. Don't underestimate this gal. Her style and confidence speak for themselves. When asked what she would tell her 18-year-old self, she says "live it up and stop taking everything so seriously!" Preach, sista. 

Shop Brittany's Look: 
Blouse | Booties | Necklace | Bracelets | Earrings

Meet Alyssa 

Alyssa Chatelain works at Southeastern Freight Lines in Port Allen, Louisiana. Married to Brittany and Heidi's brother, Alyssa is rightfully a little soft spoken. She gave herself a 0 on a "how funny are you" scale of 1-10 and that made everyone giggle. Alyssa chooses to support small, female-owned businesses because she sees the impact small businesses have on our local community. 

Shop Alyssa's Look: 
BlouseJeans | Sneakers | Necklace | Earrings | Bracelets


We truly enjoyed getting to know you and see all of your styles come together perfectly! Thank you for helping us celebrate six years in business! Now, when can we come over? LYLAS! 

All photos by the talented, Cassie Treuil Photography
Location: MEET at Huns Grove

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