The Krafty Heroes Around Us | Meet Kenda Johnson-Rogers

Nurse practitioner 
Lover of God 
Small business owner 

LaKenda Johnson-Rogers (or Kenda, as everyone calls her) is someone we met in 2019. We were connected through our mutual relationship with another female business owner, Meredith Waguespack of Sweet Baton Rouge. Kenda agreed to model for us in our 2019 Winter Lookbook. We became instant friends and admirers of her from there. 

Krafty Kravingz is a local company with fun, local goods empowering women all over the world. Kenda started Krafty Kravingz in 2019 as a passion project - one that was needed to fill her cup and open her heart back to her first love of creativity. Kenda was recently featured in 225 Magazine with a beautiful feature story.

Kenda has a passion and the gift of encouragement while telling people how God has been impacted her life (over and over again). 

Kenda has spent the last 11 years in health care. In addition to Krafty Kravings, she works as a a nurse practitioner - taking care, counseling, being a listening ear and motivating those she encounters during the day. Since Covid-19 hit, it has been quite an experience!

Hero’s don’t always wear capes.

In Kenda's own words, here is what Black History Month means to her: 

Black history means everything. If it wasn’t for those who paved the way for people like me, we wouldn’t be who we are today. We are our ancestors wildest dreams and I truly feel that entire slogan as I’ve blossomed into a successful adult. Doors were opened because of our ancestors. Big thanks to RUBY who broke barriers and was the first African American female to desegregate an all-white school right here in Louisiana. She gave us the power of education, the hope to life, the faith to be great in all things. And the others who physically paved our path so we can be seen up close and personal - in front! Black history is more than a month it’s a lifetime of overcoming the good, bad and ugly! And I’m happy to be apart of it. 

Where to find Krafty Kravingz: 

A few of Kenda's favorite Black-owned brands to follow/support:


Rachel Mayo, Palm Beach, FL 


Natalie Tate, New Orleans, LA


Sherin Dawd and Raina Vallot, Baton Rouge, LA 


Shannon Miller, Lafayette, LA 


Mhykee George, Louisiana and Texas 


Brandy Gordon, Baton Rouge, LA 


Gabrielle Deculus, Louisiana 

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