Won't you B My Curlfriend? Brandy Gordon Shares her love of hair, fashion and black-owned brands


It's an interesting topic. One that defines and (regretfully) divides many. It comes with so much emotion. Anyone who had their hair cut like a boy while sitting on a pot in your parents kitchen can relate. 

But why does it carry so much weight in our culture? Why does it, in a way, define different groups? 

Blondes are ditzy. 
Kinky or curly tresses is nappy and should be relaxed. 
Thin hair can be fixed with extensions. 
Natural hair is unprofessional. 

The list of bad sayings could go on. Thinking about the stereotypes culture has created based on hair is....well....eye opening. 

Meet Brandy Gordon - a natural hair, lifestyle and beauty influencer from Zachary, Louisiana. She and her family now live in West Baton Rouge where Brandy has been a long time supporter of SoSis.

She is a chemist. BMyCurlfriend® is her brain child and originated her "big chop in 2011." Think about that y'all. Brandy started this passion project after she cut her hair. This "big chop" obviously had an emotional impact on her. 

In 2019, she decided to lock her hair and expand her brand into lifestyle, beauty and fashion.

She is a Southern University Jaguar to her core and a secondary LSU tiger. She is a wife and mother of soon to be two babes (she's expecting her second child, a little boy, this year). 

In Brandy's own words: 

"Black History month is a time that I like to reflect on the contributions that African-Americans have made to society but it is bittersweet. We are given 28 days to celebrate and learn about the thousands of contributions that black people have made to American History. Unfortunately, this is often just a blip on the radar for some people.

It is bittersweet because our often painful history is repeating itself, even in 2021.

Despite all of these facts, I will still celebrate. I will read stories about the triumphs and successes of black people to my daughter. I'll save the heavy stuff for later, promise. I will continue to support black businesses as much as I can. I will continue to have tough conversations with those who are willing to listen and learn.

Lastly, I will continue to celebrate the successes of African-Americans, not just this month but year round."

Where to find B My Curl Friend

Here are a few of Brandy's favorite Black-owned brands to support: 

Tia Whittington, Prairieville, LA 


Monica Campbell and Karliss Ray, Woodville, MS 

Kenda Johnson-Rogers, Baton Rouge, LA

Shawn Clarke 


Trenton Gordon, Baton Rouge, LA 

Marlela Clark-LeBeouf Duga

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