by Annie Claire Bass October 07, 2016

To Shelby LeCoq and Payton Smith, being sisters is Morganza filled wedding cake kind of sweet. 

To help celebrate SoSis' second birthday, we've teamed up with inspirational sisters around us to learn from them and get inspired as Chelsey and I go into year #3 with even more energy and determination. First up on our list of influential women and sisters - Shelby LeCoq and Payton Smith. These two have very different styles, but their love for and support of one another is something to behold. 

Two small town girls
Shelby and Payton grew up in the small, beautiful Louisiana town of Ventress. They grew up playing dress up making clothes out of old dance costumes. These sistas have a style each of their own and both so cute. 

Two very different career paths
Shelby started Baking on the Bayou, a unique cakery, when she was 17 years old in high school....yes, 17 years old. My husband, Brad, coached Shelby's then boyfriend, now husband, at False River Academy and that is how we first met. Since then, she has baked gorgeous cakes for many of my daughter's birthdays. She even baked Chelsey's wedding cake!

On the other end, Payton, who is just 18 years old, is in school to become a nurse. She wants to work to help people in need. Her kind and caring disposition will make her an amazing nurse. 

It helps to have family support when running a business 
Shelby is the owner of Baking on the Bayou. Her goal is to create a scrumptious, artistic masterpiece for every customer. A countless number of Shelby and Payton's family members pour their hearts into the business to create a memorable experience for each and every one of their customers. Chelsey and I can surely relate to that growing up in our parents' flower shop where everyone took off of work on Valentine's Day to work some more. 

Embracing the differences 
Shelby and Payton will be the first to tell you - their styles are very different. Payton will rock Converse shoes, while Shelby is not a fan. Shelby used to make her own clothes from dance costumes and Payton loved to join in. Their different taste made styling them really fun for us. 

THANK YOU Shelby & Payton
Thank you both for taking time away from your busy schedules to share your story with us sistas. We are so grateful and loved every minute getting to know both of you. SoSis gals, be sure to check out Shelby's business, Baking on the Bayou. Prepare yourself for mouth watering goodness. 

Annie Claire Bass
Annie Claire Bass


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