Storefront Closing - A Message from our Heart

We have come a long way since launching on October 9, 2014. We’ve popped up at bars, changed in cars, packed U-Hauls to markets, hoped for the best when investing a lot, reinvested every amount of profit back into the business, missed first days of school, won some, lost some, and so much more.

After nine solid years of welcoming local customers who have become family, hosting experiences, shedding some tears and celebrating big wins, owning a storefront suddenly looks a lot different than we had ever planned for.

We have decided to chart a new plan – one that redefines what success looks like for us. Today success means saying “no” to something to make room for something else without fear or guilt.

As of January 1, 2024, we will be closing our storefront in Port Allen, LA.

This decision is so hard for us. You see, SoSis is a reflection of our hearts. We’ve loved helping people find the perfect outfit and the perfect accessories that give them confidence and make them feel good. We’ve loved creating meaningful messages sharing intimate parts of who we are to hopefully help you understand how very powerful it is when you shop small. We’ve loved making beautiful things and watching those beautiful things out in the world. We’ve loved that we got to fail and learn; succeed and learn; live and learn.

What if giving something up will open space for something else—even if we have no idea what that is right now? 

That is where we are. We aren’t sure what comes next. But we do hope that whatever it is, you’ll be there to cheer us on, mimosa in hand.

Please never underestimate how very powerful your purchase from a small business is. When you choose to forgo the ease of shopping with big chains (and we know it’s hard—there is an Amazon package arriving at our door while you’re reading this) and support a small business instead, your dollar stays in your community. Small businesses add culture, fun, and personality to communities. We are so grateful to have done just that for 9 whole years. 

We hope you know that we really do Love Ya Like A Sista. Keep being true to who you are and unafraid to make big decisions that result in big change in hopes of standing up for what matters most to you.  



AC + Chel

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