Sock it to Harvey

Dear sisters,

We, along with so many of you, are heartbroken for our friends in Texas who've been affected by Hurricane Harvey. It's not often that we can say "I know how you feel," and really mean it. But, we in Louisiana, truly do know all too well how it feels to suffer through a catastrophic hurricane and devastating floods.

Before Harvey, the mighty SoSis team - all 4 of us - was planning our End of Summer sale set to start today. But we just couldn't get our hearts off of Texas. 

So, we're taking a break from end-of-summer this and sale that to send all our love to Texas. 

This weekend, when you shop with us in store, we ask that you consider bringing new, unused SOCKS for our neighbors in Houston. Yes, socks. We pledge to donate all socks to the Louisiana Mega Shelter for Texas residents coming to Louisiana for safety. This shelter opened up in Alexandria yesterday - very close to the town where we grew up. Will you join us?

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. To our Texas customers, try to remember, as time passes and as the waters recede, the broken pieces will begin to come together again and Texas will start to feel whole once more. Take if from your sisters in Louisiana. 

Chelsey & Annie Claire 

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