Sister, You're a Homerun | SISTA SISTA Feature 1 of 4

To Brittany​ and Melanie Ernest​, being sisters is like hitting a home run. However, for these two baseball loving gals, those two home runs would be hit exactly 11 years apart. 

Every October, we celebrate our birthday all month long by featuring sisters around us that have made an impact in our lives in some way. We’re kicking of our #SISTASISTA series this year with Brittany and Melanie Ernest. Chelsey and Brittany go way back – all the way to LSU where they were LSU Baseball Bat Girls together. Since graduating from college, Brittany and Chelsey have remained close through their involvement in the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Baton Rouge. Once we realized Brittany had an equally sweet, smart and driven little sis, we had to feature them in this series.

Raised on baseball in St. Francisville, Louisiana 
Brittany and Melanie grew up in the beautiful town of St. Francisville. reality, they grew up on the baseball field. Their vacations revolved around their older brother's baseball tournaments during the summer, but these two sistas didn't complain. In fact, they both say there's no other place they'd rather be. Melanie played softball throughout high school and Brittany stayed extremely involved in the sport all the way through college where she was an LSU Batgirl - with me! 

Embracing the differences 
Brittany may be the one to tell you first how different she and Melanie are. She'll be the first to talk mainly because she's the "Chatty Cathy" in the relationship while Melanie takes after her mom a bit more with her quite, reserved demeanor. 

THANK YOU Brittany & Melanie 
Thank you both for taking time away from your busy schedules to share your story with us sistas. We are so grateful and loved every minute getting to know both of you. 

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