Sisters Who Shop Small Together.... Sister, Sister Feature 2 of 2

There are two names at the top of our local customer list over and over. One is Lauren and one is LeighAnn. They are sisters supporting sisters and we are smitten by them. These two ladies truly exemplify what it means to support local.

They pop in. They DM. They support. They cheer on.

They just get it. 

When thinking of who to feature this October to celebrate nine years in business, the Porto sisters were on the top of our list. After a challenging year for their family, we are so happy to share this sister feature of two beautiful ladies whose relationship seems as solid as their commitment to community. 

Get to know Lauren and LeighAnn, shop their looks and fall in love with their words of wisdom. 


Shop Lauren + LeighAnn's Looks 


Lauren is a wife and a mother to three littles (ages 6, 5, and 4).  My husband's name is Matthew and he owns his own plumbing business here in Port Allen. After being a paralegal for 12 years, Lauren accepted a new position as an administrative assistant for TDWilliams. This new career has given Lauren the chance to be the kind of Mom she wants to be.

Here's our fun Q&A with Lauren.... 

  • If you could tell your 18-year-old self one thing, what would it be?

    Go away for college! Honestly, that is my one regret in life. If I could do it over, I would have looked more into colleges. I was too focused on picking a career and thinking I needed to attend a school for that specific career that I didn't realize college is for finding out what career path you want in life.

    That will be my advice to my children when they are searching for colleges to attend. Port Allen will always be your home, so go out and spread your wings, take the road less traveled. The kitchen light will always be left on for you when you return. 

  • What does shopping small mean to you?

    With my husband being a small business owner himself, shopping small means you're supporting an individual or individuals. Your support provides for their own family. It means you're creating a one-on-one relationship with the owner.

    My husband prides himself on his work. He holds word-of-mouth recommendations to the highest standard. I do love stepping into SoSis knowing I will get a friendly smile and an honest opinion if I seek their help putting an outfit together.

  • What are your 5 favorite small businesses? 
  1. Blanchard Plumbing in Port Allen. I'm a little biased. 
  2. SoSis - of course! This past year was a difficult one personally and receiving a SoSis text saying I was in their prayers was truly heartfelt. 
  3. Messengers Gifts - There have been many times I've messaged the owner, Rayanna, and asked for her to throw a gift together for me. Messenger's is another gift shop that prides themselves on having a one-on-one relationship with their customers. She is also a breast cancer survivor and is currently doing a fundraiser with some of the proceeds going to myself. Just blows me away of her generosity she has given me this past year on my breast cancer journey.
  4. Olly-Olly - duh amazing toys and clothing for kiddos!
  5. Wanderlust by Abby - I was introduced to this shop by a previous coworker and I have never been disappointed. 
  • What is one thing your Mama told you growing up that you think of even today?

    My Mom always told me "birds of a feather flock together." I always used to think she was bananas in that way of thinking. However, as the years have gone by, I understand what she meant. Who you hang out with impacts, to a certain extent, who you become. At 34 years old, I have to say, the girls in my circle are the best. This past year they have made me cherish even more our close friendships. These particular friends I am lucky enough to say I have been friends with my entire life. Our parents are friends, we are friends, and now our children are friends and some go to the same school we did. It's the small home life that has allowed our friendships to stay strong. 

  • Describe your style.

    Comfortable and anything I feel confident in. I love bright colors in the summer while having a tan, ha. Also, I love warm colors during the cold months.

    I am really not into patterns or stripes. However, some outfits I see Annie Claire or Chelesy wear in their videos or on their website, I would have never put together myself and I find myself needing it! 


LeighAnn is a teacher at Port Allen Elementary School. Everyday she helps shape young minds and makes a difference in the lives of children in our community. LeighAnn was born and raised in Port Allen, and recently moved back home with her two amazing children, Hayden (12) and Myleigh (8).

LeighAnn says she would not be who she is today without the constant love and support of her family and friends. She is proud to have a whole tribe of women she could not live without, especially her sister. 

 Here's our fun Q&A with LeighAnn.... 

  • If you could tell your 18-year-old self one thing, what would it be?

    Don't be so hard on yourself. 
    Wear sunscreen.

  • What does shopping small mean to you?

    To me, shopping small is contributing to someone's passion, all while enjoying the uniqueness of their local products and personalized service. It is making a difference in the lives of people you actually know, and they know you too! The small businesses where we shop, eat and have fun are all big parts of what makes our town our home.

  • What are your 5 favorite small businesses?
  1. SoSis - I can always rely on these ladies to help me find a unique piece to add the extra spark to any outfit. LYLAS
  2. Mimosa Handcrafted - I love the local inspiration behind each piece of this handcrafted jewelry.
  3. Sarah Melancoln Art - I will let the window murals popping up at our local schools and businesses attest to this.
  4. Time Warp Boutique - Vintage pieces have a soul and a story, it's so fun!
  5. Glamour 2 Geaux - what else can I girl keeps me feeling gorgeous.
  • What is one thing your Mama told you growing up that you think of even today?

    "If one is pretty, two would be prettier."

    She usually says this while decorating the house for holidays, especially Christmas. Although, as an adult I have noticed that she buys things in threes. I guess in the South more IS always better! 

  • Describe your style? 

    Natural dramatic? I am pretty casual, but never boring. I don't mind making a statement, but I like to be comfortable and confident while doing so. Then, there are the days when I want to just have fun, experiment and go all out with the boldness.


We are inspired by you both. Your relationship as sisters is one we admire in more ways than we can put into words. Thank you for helping us celebrate nine years in business! LYLAS!

All photos by the talented, Cassie Treuil Photography

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