If pictures could talk, we'd say these happy, joyful photos would say something like, "Hey sis, I know I'm making you do this, but let's have some fun, shall we?!"

Capturing the essence and personality of these two sisters made us...well...happy. 

Sisters Lili Courtney and Janie Ellis come from a family of eight siblings. Out of the eight, there are six girls. Six. Wow.

Recently, we were able to connect two of the six for this sister, sister feature. We hope you enjoy their words, their style and their genuine personalities as much as we do!  


Lili Courtney has made a career teaching cooking classes. She is the owner and head cook of Kitchen Confidence with Lili. She is from Alexandria, Louisiana, is married and has two sons. 

Chelsey has known Lili for years and both she and AC joined Lili on Instagram Live for "Snackin' Live" - a series where Lili joins different people throughout her community to cook a snack and a drink live on Instagram. Check out Chelsey's Snackin' Live where they made crispy chickpeas, yogurt and brown butter cashews while sipping a blood orange rosé mocktail. Check out Annie Claire's Snackin' Live where they whipped up roasted seaweed avocado toast and a chilled rosé spritzer.

Is your mouth watering yet? Well, here is our sweet interview with Lili...

  • If you could tell your 18-year-old self one thing, what would it be?
    I remember 18 was scary. I was out in the world working, in school and had no idea of what was to come. I would tell myself "you've got this!"

  • What does shopping small mean to you?
    I teach my cooking classes at Red Stick Spice, a local business in Baton Rouge. I know how important it is for us to support all the efforts of business owners. My career depends on them.

  • What are your 5 favorite small businesses?
  1. I am always in grocery stores shopping for my cooking classes. I am impressed with Calandros Market for my ingredients. They have excellent choices and quality. The wine department is insane.
  2. Iverstine's, our local butcher shop, is a gem.
  3. The Red Stick Farmers Market with vendors like Fullness Farm and Forte Grove Bakery is a treasure. 
  4. Counterspace BR has a nice selection of cookbooks, and fun things to work with in the kitchen. Their selection of cookie sprinkles is amazing.
  5. Red Stick Spice Co. has a vast selection of seasoning blends, extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars - all the ingredients I need to be successful behind the stove. They now carry beautiful cookware and much-needed kitchen gadgets which is filling the void in this space since all the gourmet kitchen stores have left the area.
  • What is one thing your Mama told you growing up that you think of even today?
    Her very wise words were, "Be able to take care of yourself."

  • Describe your style?
    Traditional with a flair!



Janie Ellis has been married to her sweet husband for forty years and together they have two grown children. She's been having fun selling real estate for 22 years in Covington, Louisiana. 

Here is our fun interview with Janie...

  • If you could tell your 18-year-old self one thing, what would it be?
    Buy Apple.

  • What does shopping small mean to you?
    Living in a small town for 40 years, I've grown to love and value supporting our friends in the community.

  • What are your 5 favorite small businesses?
  1. SoSis (and all boutique clothing stores)
  2. Columbia Street Mercantile
  3. Del Porto Ristorante
  4. Seiler Bar in Columbia Street Tap Room 
  5. The Southern Hotel
  • What is one thing your Mama told you growing up that you think of even today?
    Always act like a lady…you never know who knows your Mama!

  • Describe your style?


You two are a HOOT. We can only imagine how loud and fun it must be when the two of you and all of your sisters are together! Thank you for helping us celebrate eight years in business! LYLAS! 

All photos by the talented, Cassie Treuil Photography

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