Rushing Down the Lakes (1 of 3)

Break the ice during Rush week in Louisiana with breaking trends.

Many of you sistas may not know, but Chelsey and I were both Tri-Deltas at Louisiana State University in our glory days, so we know all about Rush and what goes into planning your outfits for each day.

Let SoSis help you pick out your outfits for Rush Week.  We have lots of dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories to make you stand out in a crowd. And once you pledge, you will need these outfits again, we promise.  There are so many functions (Mother/Daughter Teas, Grubs, Luncheons, Meetings, etc.) where these outfits will come in handy.  

We know the feeling of being on a college student budget, so why not get multiple uses out of these amazing clothes? Also, another tip would be to trade outfits with your new sisters for other occasions. Win/win for both of you!

So, from a few sisters to future sorority sisters, here's to you!  Enjoy the ride because it passes by quickly.  If we have any advice to girls going through rush, just be yourself. You will end up where you are meant to be, no doubt!  

*For size references, both models are wearing size smalls.

Shop these Ice Water Looks Here:

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