by Annie Claire Bass September 09, 2016

Let's get real for a minute. I'm crazy. Absolutely insane for taking on this venture with all that I have going on in my life right now. I have two kids, a husband, a marketing job, a side jewelry business and then SoSis.  When do I even sleep?  I know what everyone is thinking, so I just wanted to go ahead and say it myself. I. am. crazy.  

Now that that is out of the way, I would like to share my thoughts on this whole journey and process, so that maybe people can understand me a little better.  I have an entrepreneurial spirit (obviously), so it goes without saying that I have always wanted to work for myself.  I consider myself very reliable, a fast learner and take things seriously when I'm passionate about whatever it is I'm "selling."  

Here's the literal definition of an entrepreneur:

  1. person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.
  2. An employer of productive labor; contractor.

A regular 9-5 job or shift work is simply what some hard working, driven people want. I truly admire and respect that lifestyle and sometimes wish I had more of a desire for it. But it isn't me. It never has been. Everyone is different and frankly, the world would be boring if we were all the same. 

Take my sweet husband, for example, who is the complete opposite of me. He is your typical "Mr. Conservative."  He works is butt off every single day, but he is not a risk-taker.  He loves the structure and routine of his work.  He is extremely passionate about coaching his team, which he actually believes is an extension of our "family," but he is also a freaking great teacher. He just has a way of relating to young people and truly leading with his heart (I think his students can feel that in him). It's really impressive,   but he loves his routine!

Then, he went ahead and married a crazy risk taker and here we are, two kids later, taking a pretty big risk, together. He is scared shitless (sorry). His fashion and business sense may be a little scarce, but I think he is intrigued by the fact that some day he will be selling women's clothing for a living.  

See, we balance each other out and he pushes me to pursue my dreams, even if it means we may be eating ramen noodles for a while. 

So, here I am typing to a screen hoping that this will touch someone with similar feelings. Or, better yet, influence someone with opposite feelings in hopes of helping them to better understand small business owners, entrepreneurs and hustlers alike. Where would we eat if there weren't food slingin' restaurant owners? Where would we shop if there weren't stylish stores to cater to our shopping needs?  Where would we go to entertain our children if there weren't people willing to risk so much to open a jump zone or dance studio? 

To my fellow dreamers and doers (conservatives and risk takers alike):  I've said this before and I'll say it again. Start somewhere, dream big and make sh*t happen.

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Annie Claire Bass
Annie Claire Bass


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September 29, 2016

That’s my girl!! So so proud of you ! Your dream is becoming a reality and I know it will be a huge success. Your beautiful personality and class will take you wherever you want to go in life, especially in the fashion world. That is and has been your passion for a long time and I’m so happy it is finally becoming reality.
P. S. You are far from crazy!!???

Love you and so proud of you!!

Tammi Fabre
Tammi Fabre

September 09, 2016

So proud of you Annie Claire!! I can so relate I am married to the same kind of man routine and security oriented.. He has been my rock and my supporter of all my career endeavors.. I have juggled mulitple careers at one time as you while raising 3 children and I am here to tell you YOU CAN DO IT and YOUR NOT CRAZY!!:) Life is short dream big, work hard and trust God to lead you to the right place and meet the right people at the right time and all those dreams will come true!! as they say life is short— eat the cake, buy the shoes and take the trip in your case create the next adventure!! And as a side note your hubby is an AMAZING coach and God has given him a talent to mentor and impact the lives of many young men who will always remember what he teaches them both on the field and off. I know God will bless you with much success because of your kind heart and determination!!

Katherine freeman
Katherine freeman

September 09, 2016

So beyond happy for you and excited for what’s in store!!

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