Q&A with our girl, Monica Rivet

In April of 2017 we received an online application to work for SoSis. The person submitting - Monica Rivet. At the time, we weren't hiring so we regretfully told this sweet applicant that we'd keep her resume on file for future use. 

We reached back out to Monica to model for our Summer 2017 lookbook titled "This is Us." She excitedly accepted and the rest is history...we never called her "Monica" again. 

Moni is the kind of employee you want to stick around for a long, long time. She's a person who looks beyond a task and goes above what is asked of her. She is a hard worker, a kind spirit and a smart girl. 

Today, we are sending Moni off on her college journey so she can focus on school as she gets more involved in her major. Don't fret because she's not going too far. She helps Chelsey with her consulting business writing social media content for small businesses around Baton Rouge. We hope that Moni will come back to help us for the holidays too! 

So, on her last "official" day as a SoSis sista - don't worry Moni, you'll always be our sista - we sat down for a little Q&A with our girl. Learn a little more about this sweet sista who has been the person behind many of our insta stories and our counter for more than a year. 

All photos by Taylor Hunter Photography.

About Moni 

What made you want to start working at SoSis?

I’ve always liked shopping, styling, fashion and social media. In high school, I remember really wanting a job in retail, but in reality I was way too occupied with school and two sports to ever pursue it at the time.

In the spring of my senior year, I applied at Sosis in hopes of it being my summer job. Little did I know how much it would impact me down the road. The boutique was new and local. Working in this type of setting had been something I’d been waiting to do for so long. So, after one of my last softball practices, I remember sprinting to my car, a sweaty mess, stressing about how I was going to make it to my interview on time AND look socially presentable.

I made it.
Got the job.
And it’s been the BEST in more ways than y’all know :)

What are you studying?

Mass Communications, Public Relations
(thanks to one of my bosses, Chel, for giving me the extra push I needed!)

What are your hobbies outside of work/school that you enjoy?

Hmm..if I’m not working or in school you can find me either hanging out with friends and family, on the couch binging, traveling any chance I get, or - if it's summertime - anywhere on the water!

I’d like to say I workout regularly but, let’s face it, that just phases in and out :) 

What do you like best about a typical workday at SoSis?

My favorite thing about a typical day at Sosis is that work doesn’t really feel like “work” here. Usually I come in and do things I enjoy, with company I enjoy. I feel like that’s hard to come by.

If you could have lunch with any female (famous or not), who would it be and why?

Honestly...Brighton Keller. Can I be her? lol.

She seems so fun and is just inspiring to me in so many ways. I love following her stories and posts on her blog.

What's your favorite color?


Favorite junk food?

French fries 🙌🏻

Favorite trend right now?

Flatforms. A step above a flat sandal and comfier than a wedge or heel. Amazing. And so cute with like everything.

Meet the Monica Ombré Stack and Earrings by Annie Claire Designs 

As a fun way to bid Moni farewell, we're naming a new Annie Claire Designs bracelet stack design and earrings after her. Sistas, meet the new Monica Ombré Stack. Made in the perfect hues of purple, this lightweight bracelet stack is perfect to add pops of color to your ensemble. Named after SoSis sista, Monica, this fun bracelet stack is quietly stylish and dependable - much like its namesake. 

And in their earring form.


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