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Walk into #SoSisIRL on any given afternoon and you may find my two daughters playing "store."  They are young entrepreneurs, those two, and their store's name is "Sparkle."  You can shop items that are strangely similar to those found on shopsosis.com while supporting a 5.5 and 4 year old's dream - to eat more ice cream and dance to the "Trolls" soundtrack. 

I remember Chel and I playing similar games in our mom and dad's flower shop in our hometown of Marksville, Louisiana. Growing up alongside a hardworking mom surely did rub off on me and I hope it's having the same affect on my two girls. 

Every year in October, we feature sisters on our blog and every year we feature these two sisters right here. In year one, we showed how fierce a two and three year old could be. When celebrating year two, we were full of Grace and Aubree. Today, we are featuring two blondes that aren't afraid to be different, be loud, be passionate, be assertive. Aubree and Gracie motivate me everyday to be strong, be brave and be ambitious. 

Pictured above are Aubree and Gracie wearing clothes from B kids Boutique. Accessories by Annie Claire Designs (Aubree Collection and Gracie Collection

Photographer: Taylor S. Hunter

When Chel and I started this series, we wanted to feature sisters that inspire us. Through their stories, we've learned how to be better business women, better daughters, better leaders and better sisters. You know we couldn't write a series of blog posts about sisters and NOT feature the two girls that changed everything for me.

Aubree and Gracie are wearing the brightest and most colorful looks from a local kids boutique - b Kids. Here's a little more about this sweet shop owned by a mom and her three girls. 

Meet the girl bosses of B kids Boutique

The owners of b Kids Boutique are three sisters and a mom. Christin Weilbacher, Terryn Mann, and Lynda Hornsby are sisters and together with Terri Hornsby, their mom, own b Kids Boutique. B kids offers a little something for all your little ones. The sizes range from infant and toddler to tween and juniors.

Their motto is b you. b different. b cool. At b Kids, they want you to stand out. Fitting in is snoozeville. The contemporary boutique opened in 2010 and quickly expanded to New Orleans. Now, there are four locations. The mom/sister combo run the two stores in Louisiana.

“We truly enjoy operating the stores today as much as we did the day we opened," says Christin Weilbacher. "We have grown, learned and had a lot of fun along the way! We hope the success continues and one day our children will be able to participate in the fun.” 

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