Meet the NEW SoSis Signature V-Neck Tee in Lime

Say hello to our brand new SoSis Signature V-Neck in green sparkle

The SoSis Signature Line is uniquely ours. Designed by Annie Claire, you won't find it anywhere else. With every new addition, the thrill of manufacturing our own line (and seeing OUR logo on each tag) never gets old. We are so proud of how this line has grown and have BIG plans for it in 2023. 

So how does Annie Claire do it, you ask? We'll she spills all the deets over on Instagram, but to break it down step-by-step for you....

Step One: Pick the fabric. You may remember, we launched this same body in lavender in 2022. This V-neck tee is a new style to our collection after many requests from our customers. We chose this bright, sparkly green hue because it's perfect for Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day and spring! 

Step Two: Pick our size run and grade accordingly. We are proud to carry X-small - XXX-large in our Signature Line. So much thought and tweaking has gone into our size chart and every SoSis Signature piece is sized specifically with you in mind. We choose how many quantities of each size we need. Fun fact: we always see mediums, large, X-larges sell first - they are our most popular sizes. So often, we order less X-smalls and smalls, for example, and more mediums. 

We have to order at least 50 pieces of one color. For a small business like us, this is no easy feat. It's a major investment for us. But at the end of the day, our SoSis sisters love our Signature Line. We are so grateful when colors sell out (like incredibly grateful). 

Step Three: Order samples. For this particular tee, we went through a few samples before Annie Claire got it just right. 

Step Four: Place the full order. It usually takes about two weeks to produce our full order once we finalize a sample. 

Step Five: Get the goods and celebrate. We work on a full launch for you and cross our fingers and toes you love each piece as much as we do! 

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