Meet Our Girl, Carlie Boudreaux

If you visit our store, you may notice a little lady behind the counter whose name isn't Annie Claire or Chelsey.

Carlie Boudreaux is our sales and marketing associate and works at SoSis while pursuing a career as a nurse. She is often found helping sistas pick styles that work for them. We first met Carlie more than a year ago when she moved to Baton Rouge from our hometown. Her positive energy, work ethic and unique outlook really made her stand out to us. 

We are really excited to have Carlie on our team and have enjoyed working with her since she started in November. Since you'll be seeing her often when you visit our store, we wanted to take a minute to share a little more about her. I think you'll find a few things that may surprise you! 

Here are a few of Carlie's favorite things: 

What made you want to start working at SoSis? 
I babysat for Annie Claire my first semester of college at LSU and she mentioned the job opportunity to me. I love working for ladies from my hometown (Marksville, LA). They feel like friends to me.

What are you studying?
I am studying to be a nurse at Our Lady of the Lake College and hope to graduate in two years as an RN.

What are your hobbies outside of work/school that you enjoy?
Since I'm always studying (and now working, too), I honestly love to lay in my bed and binge watch "Grey's Anatomy!" I also love makeup and collecting it and of course I like to shop. I love to go home for the weekends and see my family!

What do you like best about a typical workday at SoSis?
I love giving new ideas to SoSis - things to make us better. I enjoy learning along with my bosses and like how we work together to come up with ideas for the store. It's fun to give our customers outfit ideas too, especially when they like them. :)

If you could have lunch with any female (famous or not), who would it be and why? 
It would be my mom, definitely. I love being with my mom and love catching up with her when I get to see her! She's my best friend!

What's your favorite color?

Favorite junk food?
Dill pickle chips.

Favorite trend right now?
Chokers and platform sneakers are my current favorite trend! Lucky for me, SoSis has both! 

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