Making Skorts Part of Your Wardrobe Essentials

Half skirt, half short, the "skort" has come in and out of style for as long as we can remember—and we can't help but get '90s nostalgia when we think about its versatile, playful style. A typical skort features shorts in the back while the front resembles a skirt. We have a few tips for bringing this childhood staple back into your wardrobe.

Why Skorts?

These days, fashion isn't just about clothes that look good; we also want clothes that are practical. Comfortable tops, easy-to-wear slides, and hair scarves have all had a resurgence in the late 2010s, and for good reason. Fashion is beginning to prioritize comfort and ease as much as style. That's why the skort is back in the mainstream.

When to Wear Skorts

You can't go wrong wearing skorts for a beach day or for any occasion where comfort comes first. However, don't be afraid to rock a skort outside of the laid back look. Some skorts, especially longer skorts or those that entirely hide shorts underneath an otherwise normal skirt, can be worn for more upscale occasions when paired with the right top and tasteful jewelry.

Go-To Skort Styles

For simple, everyday styles, it's hard to go wrong with beach or river boat attire. Match white skorts with blue or striped collared shirts and pair them with your best aviators and sandals. Denim skorts can be paired with a simple tee or off-the-shoulder ruffled top. Top it off with a fun boat hat for an effortless, classic look. You can also make a bright, bold skort the center of your outfit by wearing a neutral colored top and shoes, letting your practical (but stylish!) garment shine.

At SoSis Boutique, we believe in pairing fun trends with creative ideas that feed the soul and compel our girls to achieve their goals. Luckily, we also believe in affordable prices. To check out our skorts and other clothing, browse all of our bottoms made for women like you or call us at (225) 442-1568.

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