Little Girls, Little Girls | Sister, Sister Feature 3 of 4

"Motherhood is both miracle and madness. It's wonder and weariness. It's question marks and false starts and always moving the finish line." 

- Emily P. Freeman

These words. Gut punch. 

As SoSis celebrates our 6th year in business, we call it our "birthday" for a reason. It is a celebration of one of our babes. 

SoSis is our baby. 

We care for her. We feed her (financially). We learn from her. We challenge her. We put her in her place. She throws a tantrum sometimes and we discipline her. She makes us happy. She makes us sad. But through it all, she is ours and we are hers. We love her dearly.

Through it all, there are three small sistas who run around our store day in and day out bringing innocent giggles to our days. We are also excited to add our little SoBro (Bennett) who isn't quite running around the place yet, but has made himself at home taking many solid naps in our office. Next year, we are getting that beautiful babe in pictures.

Each year to celebrate our birthday, we feature a few sisters around us. It is only fair and appropriate to talk about the little girls who bring us back to what matters most - our daughters Aubree, Gracie and Charlie Jo. 

Don't the girls look so cute? All of their looks can be found online or in store at Twisted Oak Boutique including: 

Aubree's look: 
Top (sold out) | Tweed Shorts | Annie Claire Designs flower hair clip 

Gracie's look: 
S&S Pleats Dress | Annie Claire Designs flower hair clip | Kismet lipstick (because this girly girl wants to be just like her Mama!)

Charlie Jo's look: 
Dress (sold out), here is a similar option | Bows are handmade 

All photos by the talented, Cassie Treuil Photography
Location: MEET at Huns Grove

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