Meet Our Girl: LeeAnn Borrel

Annie Claire and I know LeeAnn Borrel well. You see, her husband, Luke, and Annie Claire graduated high school together. We've always loved keeping up with LeeAnn, often times on social media, but having her model in our most recent lookbook was a real treat. LeeAnn is a working mom and we always love to learn more about how different people make work, work. We sat down with LeeAnn and asked her a few questions about what inspires her, what keeps her motivated and what she's jamming to these days. 

So sistas, meet LeeAnn Borrel! 

SS: Where are you from and what makes your hometown special?
LB: Alexandria, Louisiana. I have a passion for growing Alexandria. It's a great place (in my opinion) to raise a family. It's close enough to many the larger cities Louisiana has to visit for a weekend getaway, but I'm always close enough to home.

SS: What are you studying in school/what did you graduate college in?
LB: I graduated college with my B.A. Communication Studies from Louisiana State University at Alexandria. 

SS: What is your favorite song right now? ​
"Be One" by Natalie Grant​

SS: What is your guilty pleasure?​
LB: Binge watching a TV series on Netflix​. It's addicting. 

SS: What would you do if you weren't afraid?
LB: I would pack my family up and travel. There are so many experiences we miss out on in life because we live in a world of "work." While I value a strong work ethic, I think we are placed on this earth to enjoy all the experiences it has to offer. ​

SS: What did you want to be when you were a little girl? ​
LB: An actress​

SS: What is one of your proudest moments/achievements to date? Why?
LB: My daughter. She is the most kind and amazing little person I have ever known. She truly leaves people better than she found them. I want to be her when I grow up!​

SS: What lesson do you try to instill in your daughter, Caroline, every day/often?
LB: To be a friend. In order to have friends, one must be a friend. Being kind and humble is important to my husband and I. We want her to just be a nice person.  

SS: What is your favorite look from the most recent photoshoot? ​
LB: I love the Finding the Floral Blouse. I can dress it up or down and it is very flattering for all body types. ​


Photos by Taylor Hunter. View the entire lookbook, “Turning a New Leaf," here.

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