Influencer Love for Brittney Fusilier

We are so excited to have collaborated with Dr. Brittney J. Fusilier - a Louisiana lifestyle blogger, wife, mom of two beautiful girls, former Louisiana State University volleyball player and PHARMACIST. 

We reached out to her to help us shop for transitional summer/fall pieces and she picked out a few things we just loved including: 

We mailed her a personalized package packed with these goodies plus a custom bracelet stack by Annie Claire Designs - for her and her girls. Click to see just how CUTE it her accessories were. 

THANK YOU, Britt, for collaborating with us. Influencers like you allow others to find our shop and for that, we are so grateful. 

Here's what she said in her post featuring SoSis

I am not sure who needed to hear this, but! ⠀

It’s easy to believe these lies. ⠀
I can’t. ⠀
I’m not enough. ⠀
I need to be perfect. ⠀
I can’t. ⠀
I’ll never have that sort of success. ⠀
I will never be enough. ⠀
I can’t. ⠀
I’m here to tell you though. ⠀
You can. You’re more than enough.⠀
There’s no need to be perfect. ⠀
You can. ⠀
Your success has no limits. ⠀
You’re more than enough. ⠀
You will. ⠀

Nothing is impossible.⠀

Also, cheers to the freaking weekend! It’s starting to look real Fall-ish in my opinion which is my favorite season! Loving the brown hues as per usual. I got this super cute outfit from @shopsosis which is actually a local boutique here in Louisiana! I’m super glad I found them!😍 ⠀

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Photos by Sarah Ward Weddings. 

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