How to Rock Statement Earrings All Day, Every Day

Simply put, statement earrings let you be you, no matter the occasion or time of day. Our very own Annie Claire started Annie Claire Designs in 2009 to create unique, handmade statement jewelry that draws inspiration from her love of music, fashion and the amazing women and girls in her life. For certain pieces, Annie has partnered with Central Louisiana artist Leah Morace, whose paintings evoke the beauty of Southern living, nature and culture. Here's how you can effortlessly rock statement earrings like Annie's and Leah's all day, every day.

Light Colors & Soft Shapes for Every Day

When you're going for the "everyday" look—think lunch dates, going to class or family gatherings—you can still make a statement with the right earrings. Gravitate towards light, soft pieces like our Danielle Earrings (bonus: they're hand-painted by Leah!) with a gentle silhouette. Pair this look with a small, light handbag and get ready to take on the day.

Keep It Professional With Classic Colors & Intricate Details

Just because you're going to work, doesn't mean you can't work it. For that 9 to 5 look, focus on earrings in classic colors—like gold, rose gold and silver—with elegant details. Our Gold Marquise Earrings combine a dusty gold palette with an intricate, unconventional pattern that's both professional and chic. Bonus tip: rock that high bun to really show off your earrings (and feel like the ultimate #GirlBoss)!

Think Bold & Interesting Angles for a Night Out

Whether it's date night or girl's night out, you'll want earrings with a few more bold edges. We love the fun triangles featured in both our Tabby and Cobalt Chronicles Earrings. They have a more distinct, angled silhouette that catches the eye and can complete your night-out look. Besides going bolder, you can also go bigger. Don't be afraid to let earrings brush a little farther down than your day-to-day pair would.

Of course, you're not limited to these three looks—browse our collection of Annie Claire Designs to check out all of our statement pieces at SoSis Boutique. We proudly offer our girls in the Greater Baton Rouge area a full selection of unique jewelry, clothing and accessories to fit all styles and occasions.

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