by Annie Claire Bass October 25, 2016

These two girls have been with SoSis from the very beginning and I don't think I would change the timing of when Chelsey and I decided to pursue this dream. At the time, Gracie was 1 and Aubree was 2.5 years old. To many people, it didn't seem like the best time to start up a business. But they were literally there every step of the way.

Many times, they have been with me preparing for a pop up shop or helping me tag clothing. One of Aubree's favorite things to do is organize the jewelry while Gracie just hides in the clothing racks. Although I wasn't able to stay home with them during this critical time in their lives, I believe this has to be the second best situation. Having them with me, even if I'm working (odd hours, on weekends, etc), is one of my favorite things. I'm happy to say that I'm teaching them responsibility, to work hard and to love what you do.  

Now Aubree is 4.5 and Gracie is 3. Can you believe it?!  Where is the time going? They love mom's "pop up shops" and are so excited to come to the store when it is open.

I have to give you sistas a little hint of one area that will be inside our store. If you are a mom and never shop for yourself because you always have your children with you, then have no fear. #SoSisIRL will have a "kiddie corner" to allow all you amazing moms to enjoy your shopping experience. Aubree and Gracie will obviously have to approve before we open.

My sweet, tenderhearted, Aubree Lynn 
I know that I'll always be learning how to parent, but I'm starting to learn that each child needs something different from me. Aubree needs lots of love and affection from me. She is so loving, caring and kind hearted, yet independent and, sometimes, a little feisty. She can be shy, but loves making new friends and is super protective of anyone in her family. If someone takes a toy away from her little cousin, she will be sure to get it back. She is super helpful and I can already sense that she will be passionate about her dreams, whatever they may be. She also has her own sense of style and I'm excited about that.

So sistas, if you haven't already, meet my firstborn, Aubree Lynn Bass.

We're still working on graceful with Gracie Boo
I know all moms out there can relate when I say that it's crazy to see how different your children turn out. I love learning more about my girls each day and seeing what traits come from me and what traits come from my husband, Brad. I'm not sure where my Gracie girl gets her ambition to be the star, but she sure can put on a show. Have you seen her moves?! She is not shy at all, a tad clumsy, loves to dress up in every princess costume in her closet, enjoys dancing to Taylor Swift, and sings "Let it Go" at the top of her lungs.

Y'all. It's the cutest thing.  

She, too, has her own style and only likes to wear dresses or skirts.  

So sistas, get to know my girly girl, Gracie Ann Bass.

All photos by Lacey Rabalais

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Annie Claire Bass
Annie Claire Bass


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October 25, 2016

Annie boo,
This is awesome!! I ’m so proud of how you and Brad are raising your girls to be their own person and live their dreams!! I love all of you to the moon and back and so much more!!

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