Four Real, We are Celebrating Four Years in Business

How can four years feel like a millisecond and a lifetime at once? We're not really sure.

It seems like just a few days ago we were sharing our thoughts on year one. Then year two. Then year three. And now here we are at year four. 

We started this year with a brand new team member making this one of the biggest changes in year four. Charlie Jo has already spent her fair share of time at #SoSisIRL. 

In March, Annie Claire traveled to Los Angeles to experience market there for the first time. Chelsey stayed home (Charlie Jo was then just three months old) while our cousin, Shelby, took the reigns. That was a lot of fun and quite an experience. We found many new brands we introduced into our store this year and learned a lot. We are pretty excited to go to back to Vegas for MAGIC Market Week in February! 

We've participated in many pop up shops, hosted a number of art and wine walks, created a "merchant association" for our shopping center and so much more. 

One thing we are most proud of (and always will be) are the customers that visit us over and over again. Biggest thanks to YOU for getting us here. Every online order, every in-store pick-up, every LYLAS Box subscription, every walk-in, every comment means the world to us. We simply wouldn't be going into year five (whoa, that's crazy) without you.


Chelsey Reflects on Four Years 

This time last year I was pretty pregnant and really not sure what "maternity leave" would look like for this self-employed gal. On top of that, I couldn't drink caffeine. I. Was. Stressed. But as always, God had a plan for me that really played out as great as it could have.

December 27th could not have been a more perfect time of year to have a baby in retail. You see, my girl knew she needed to let me get through our busiest season before gracing us with her chubby cheek presence. I have never been so thankful for that sista of mine during those first few weeks home with Charlie Jo. 

Then there came the real challenge - becoming a working mom trying to do all the things. Fact is - it isn't possible and I quickly had to figure out what was most important to me and focus on trying to do those things well. 

Owning a successful business is important to me. Showing Charlie Jo what owning your own business can look like means a lot. This year has opened my eyes to many things but mostly helped me to realize that the most important thing I need to do in this life is raise a girl who knows love, is a kind human and works hard. I believe, if approached the right way, SoSis can be a part of this. 

Annie Claire Shares Her Goals for Year Five

In October 2014, Chel and I were planning and preparing to launch in the wee hours of the morning when my little Gracie Boo was not even a year old yet. Seems like eons ago!  Especially now that she is five and has been a big part of my jewelry business, whether she realizes it or not. Back then, my kind-hearted Aubree Lynn was just two (and a half) going on 20. Today, she is quite the funny girl with her impressions of me. She is also quick to remind me that my phone is not more important than her.  

Owning a business is not for the faint of heart. Truth is, it is quite trying at times.  Managing employees' schedules, getting informed of fees I'd never heard of, running payroll, keeping up with Quickbooks, trying to stay within a budget, planning bomb a** events in our shopping center....all of these things on top of raising a family and balancing other work is not easy. When will there be a button to add time in the day? These business-related challenges take some serious patience and a little wine at times. 

One thing is clear - we will always be learning. We are happy to share our experiences with other business owners and have found ourselves being somewhat of "consultants" lately. By no means are we experts, but we have made enough mistakes to know what works and what doesn't.  

I strive for making even better business decisions in year five and for our inventory count days to be as painless as possible, ha! I hope to become more balanced when it comes to family time separate from work time. 

I saw this quote that resonated with me and thought I would share...

"I'm not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it."  

And I'll leave you at that! ;)


  • Laurie Moreau

    Congratulations on 4 fabulous years! We love to shop at Sosis and I enjoy watching you both grow into successful businesswomen! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both! ❤️

  • Ashlee

    CONGRATS! Congrats to you both on all of your success! Can’t wait to stop in next time I’m in town!

    Ashlee |

  • Ginger Humbles

    Y’all are too cute! It’s great that you two can be close enough to make a business successful! You know not all sisters can do that. Love your style and excellent customer service!

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