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Sitting down with four sisters in four very different (and successful) careers tends to inspire a gal. Originally from Maringouin, Louisiana, Brynn, Shari, Haylie and Addie could not be more unique, but their love for one another could not be more the same. 

Dr. Brynn Leroux will make you smile
Brynn embodies what it means to be the oldest. I mean really....I'm an expert in the area. As a pediatric dentist for Associates in Pediatric Dentistry, she focuses on working with the whole family because when you treat a child "you treat the whole family." As the oldest of four girls, Brynn knows how to take control of a room and inspire you to work hard to achieve your dreams. She and her husband have two children of their own and she sees a lot of her sisters in her daughter, Amelie - specifically Amelie's love of trying on other people's shoes. She gets that from her Aunt Addie. 

For years Brynn's focus and purpose was school and owning her own dental practice. She is career driven and really good at it. However, when her second child came along, her priorities shifted a bit. Brynn explained, "My identity is not in being a dentist and a professional, but is in being a wife, a mother and a child of God."

In her day-to-day-work life, she says it's all about meeting people where they are and really listening. Brynn's mentor taught her that "learning is a change in behavior." She works hard to not get in her own way by being stubborn and unwilling to change. Brynn shares, "If I make a mistake and something doesn't go the way I wanted it to, that's an opportunity to learn and change your ways." 

Dr. Shari Bouy has your back 
Sister number two is Shari who is a chiropractor at LA Health & Injury Centers, my personal Pure Barre motivator and my next door neighbor. When asked what one of the biggest lessons learned in her career is, she says, "My future is in my hands and there's so much potential to do what I want with it. I never settle." 

Growing up with three sisters sounds interesting, to say the least. Shari and her sisters would fight over typical things like who would sit in the front seat (did you call "shotgun"). Wearing another sister's outfit with the tags on it was a deal breaker in their world. In a house of four girls, is there really ever enough hot water? 

Shari has truly become a great friend of mine. She and her husband are so kind to my daughters letting them swim at any moment and understanding the chaos that goes on next door. She's going to make a wonderful mother to her soon-to-be born (gender unknown) baby. Yep, that's right, she and her husband are expecting their first baby in 2017! She's excited about this new chapter in her life and I think my daughters, Aubree and Gracie, will love having a new little person to play with right next door. 

Haylie Lott is a people person
Sister number three and works in Human Resources (HR) at LAMAR Advertising Company. As an HR professional, Haylie helps people everyday. Living her work life by the motto "People helping people," Haylie's biggest motivator is knowing that she is affecting people's lives by showing them they are heard and that she cares about them and their happiness. 

Haylie believes in self fulfillment. When she sets and achieves goals while overcoming challenges, she is successful. 

Haylie has one little boy who is her motivation and drives her to excel in her career. She says she works to provide for him and give him the best that she and her husband can. 

Sweet Addie Soulier rounds the whole group up as the youngest 
Addie Soulier is a dental hygienist at the Louisiana Center for Restorative Dentistry in Baton Rouge. She believes her job is about listening to people by being mindful of others and what they may be going through. "It's much more than cleaning teeth," she says. "It's about truly listening and building meaningful relationships with people." 

Addie's caring and loving personality is truly evident the minute you meet her. Married for five years to her husband Justin, Addie embodies what a youngest sibling acts like - she is soft spoken, sweet, patient and driven. 

THANK YOU Brynn, Shari, Haylie and Addie 
Huge thanks to all of you for taking time away from your extremely busy schedules to share your story with us sistas. We are so grateful for you four and loved every minute learning more about your sweet relationship as sisters.

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